Keys to being a successful freelancer

  1. Apply clear work rules

Use written contracts, where you specify your prices or service packages, where you detail what you charge in each one and what they include. In this way, customers will know accurately what service they are acquiring and what is the scope of your work in each one, in such a way that you can charge what corresponds for your work.

  1. Manage your time correctly

Time is very valuable and you must understand what this means when you are working as a freelancer. Nowadays, practically everything can be solved by telephone or video calls in such way that it’s not strictly necessary to move from your workplace, this way you can continue to take advantage of your time while doing other tasks. If a client needs your presence to do a job, it is very important that you do it only if you have a high possibility of closing the deal and not waste time just visiting potential clients without any productivity.

  1. Offer monthly plans

It is a great way to give some sense of stability to the monthly income that you can get as a freelancer, adding that stable amount of money to the money that you also earn with new short jobs.

  1. Create your own personal brand

This way, you can make people know who you are and what services you offer. It will also help those who already know you to remember your services when they require it. It is very important to identify the proper way to sell your services to your target audience in an efficient way.

  1. Focus on what you like

Choose a market that you are passionate about and focus on getting customers in it. It is so much easier to get along with clients who share your hobbies or lifestyle. In turn, Customers find it easier to trust a person with whom they share something.

  1. Search and find good customers

It is vital to learn how to find good customers. Social networks are an extremely useful way to find potential customers and make the first contact with them. However, it is necessary to take it to another level and identify a good client. This is possible to achieve by assembling lists of potential customers to call them.

Some very useful tips when making these calls are the following:

  • Make it very simple to understand your quote
  • Identify the problem that the client seeks to solve
  • Estimate a realistic and efficient delivery date
  • Set a fair price according to the work that the client wishes to perform
  • Referring to the client using their name can be very helpful in getting their attention and establishing a bit of affinity.
  • Tell them about similar work that you have done previously and how an efficient solution was provided to meet the client’s needs.
  • Confirm the customer’s data and the service that he wants to hire to build your quote.
  • Set in which schedules you could put in contact again of being necessary.


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