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Infertility or sterility refers to the problem in conceiving a child. Its termed infertility when a couple, engaging in regular and frequent sexual intercourse without contraception, struggles to conceive for a reasonable duration. In over 30% of cases, male factors alone contribute to a couple’s infertility. For approximately 50% of couples, both male and female factors play a role. Abnormal sperm quality impacts nearly half of couples experiencing fertility difficulties.

In such circumstances, achieving natural pregnancy becomes highly complex, necessitating serious consideration of male infertility. Unfortunately, male infertility remains a sensitive topic among men. A majority of them continue to believe that infertility is primarily associated with women. There persists a prevalent and unfounded stigma linking male infertility to virility. Gaudium IVF Clinic in Bangalore provides a team of expert doctors who provide top-notch male infertility treatments.

Male Infertility Issues

Several factors can contribute to male infertility. Firstly, sexual dysfunction can hinder ejaculation and prevent sperm from reaching the female genital tract. Another potential cause is issues with sperm formation and production in the testicles, specifically disturbances in spermatogenesis, which is the process of sperm formation. This can manifest as absent sperm production, quantitative or qualitative abnormalities, or conditions like varicocele, which involves abnormal dilation of the spermatic veins, among other factors.

Male infertility may also result from obstructions in the genital tract that prevent sperm from mixing with seminal fluid during ejaculation. These obstructions can stem from infections, injuries, or surgical procedures such as vasectomy. Additionally, insufficient testosterone levels, marked by reduced hair growth or increased fat accumulation in the thighs, can negatively impact fertility.

Symptoms of Male Infertility

In initial infertility assessments, most tests and evaluations tend to focus on the female reproductive system, given its greater complexity compared to that of males. Collecting a detailed medical history, encompassing personal and familial health, sexual activity, and exposure to fertility-affecting substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics, along with variables like high temperatures or radiation, constitutes the primary phase in assessing male infertility. Subsequently, a comprehensive physical evaluation is conducted.

The primary diagnostic tool for male infertility is semen analysis, specifically a spermogram. Although seemingly straightforward, this test demands a highly standardized, precise, and rigorous methodology. This precision is essential because aspects like sperm mobility and morphology assessment can be subjective. Male fertility is influenced by numerous factors and may vary over time. Relying solely on spermogram results is insufficient; they must be interpreted alongside other supplementary tests and comprehensive, personalized clinical evaluations.

Male Infertility Doctor near your Location

During the diagnostic process, the doctor systematically explores various potential causes of male infertility to pinpoint the underlying issue. The treatment approach for male infertility varies according to the root cause. Hormonal therapy may be employed to address imbalances, while surgery could be an option if there’s an obstruction in the genital tract.

Promising news for individuals grappling with male infertility: thanks to our specialized professionals and advancements in assisted reproduction techniques and technologies, most male infertility challenges have effective solutions. Regardless of the specific problem, the experts at Gaudium IVF Clinic, armed with their experience and the latest technology, can deliver optimal treatment and care. Patients from all over India and beyond trust us, and numerous couples have allowed us to play a role in building their families. Regardless of your location within the country, you’re likely to find a male infertility specialist nearby through the Gaudium IVF Clinics network.

Cost of male Infertility Treatment in Bengaluru

The cost of male infertility treatment in Bengaluru can vary depending on the specific issue and the treatment path chosen. These expenses encompass consultation fees, diagnostic tests and examinations, as well as the actual treatment costs. Additionally, the overall cost may include expenses for medications and personal costs related to travel and accommodation, if necessary.

At Gaudium IVF, our objective is to offer high-quality treatment without imposing undue financial burdens on our patients. It’s important to note that low-cost IVF clinics often prove to be less cost-effective in the long term. Male infertility treatment typically falls outside the coverage of traditional medical insurance.

We prioritize transparency with our patients. After the initial diagnosis, our team will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of the cost associated with male infertility treatment in Bengaluru.

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