All There is to Know About America’s Favorite Horse Breeds


Horse breeders, horse lovers, and experts have written several volumes on the different breeds that have emerged over the last few centuries. Most of the breeds we see today are a result of natural crossbreeding or selective breeding between prized horses. Each of them has salient qualities that are good for specific kinds of work. While some of them are famous for their strength and power, others are popular for their endurance and trustworthiness.

With their unique human-friendly nature, horses have become a part of our world. From literature to modern sports, horses find essential roles in each field. Understanding their breeds is quite easy since there is a breed for every purpose. Here is a summary of the five favorite horse breeds among the equestrian aficionados.


The Arabian horse breed has found a place in fantasy novels, modern films and the distinguished sports equestrian circles. This breed is instantly recognizable by its height, shape and proud tail carriage. One can trace the origins of this breed back to the Arabian Peninsula. The breed quickly became popular among all horse lovers due to their endurance and high spirits. They find vital importance in today’s world in many disciplines including saddle seat, dressage, and unique racing.


The Thoroughbred is one of the most popular breeds in the entire world. Popular history states that this breed was born in old England in the 17th and 18th centuries. Its high tenacity, powerful muscles, and high spirits make it the perfect breed for formal horse races. They are excellent in almost any kind of sports, and they are ideal as mounts for dressage too. Famous national and international equestrian competitions like the Breeders Cup only allow the Thoroughbred horses to participate.

Tennessee Walker

The Tennessee Walker breed comes from the Southern states of the USA. Back in the 18th century plantation owners and farm owners bred these horses for their smooth gaits. Their four-beat “running walk” distinguishes them from the other breeds. The Tennessee Walker is one of the best choices for long rides. They are perfect choices as show horses thanks to their unique status and perfect gaits.

Quarter Horses

It is America’s favorite breed. The Quarter Horse breed is undoubtedly the fastest breed of horses, for short distance races. They are excellent choices for trail and competition. More often than not, Quarter Horses find their place among western pleasure riding horses and other western hunt seat mounts too. Today, the American Quarter Horse Association is the most extensive horse breed registry in the world.


The Morgan horse is a versatile breed like no other. They are compact, robust, fast and they are brave. Their friendly nature makes the Morgan horses perfect for western and saddle seat events. They are also one of the oldest horse breeds from the US that breeders have trained and perfected in different disciplines.

These breeds have true-breeding characteristics. People have loved them for the last couple of centuries for their spirits, big hearts, and tamable nature.

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