What you should know about liposuction before choosing a surgeon


Modern life treats our bodies horribly. We work like slaves, leaving no time for eating healthily and getting the exercise we need. In a few years or even months, we have rolls of fat in places we never noticed before.

Then, the other day, you happened upon some Sono Bello Reviews and now, you can see the beginning of the end for your excess baggage.

However, it is important to know what liposuction can and can NOT do for you before booking a plastic surgeon, as well as the realities of the procedure.

Doing this will debunk common myths and manage any unrealistic expectations you have concerning the outcome.

Let’s talk more about this important subject below…

1) Liposuction does not take the place of a healthy diet + exercise

Don’t make the mistake of equating looks with health. Liposuction may shape your body to like a buff fitness model, but you don’t adopt their habits, you won’t stay that way for long.

In short, removing subcutaneous fat from underneath your skin doesn’t change a thing when it comes to the biological process of metabolism.

Eating more than you expend will end with you torching the 5-figure investment you made to look like your favorite celebrity.

Protect your investment by replacing the junk in your diet with whole foods like green vegetables, whole grains and lean meats.

Get in a run everyday to go along with this, and you won’t just keep the inches off, but you’ll extend your results as well.

2) Liposuction shapes your body – it doesn’t help you lose weight

We’ve all fallen to the temptation of being ruled by the bathroom scale at some point. If the number goes down, we feel a jolt of excitement. If the opposite occurs, we get depressed.

Those who put too much stock into hitting a magic number will not find what they are looking for through liposuction – the process sculpts your torso for the best aesthetic look, it isn’t done to lower your weight, per se.

In fact, your weight can increase in the initial days following surgery, as fluids used will often cause you to exceed the weight you were before you went under the knife.

These will go away over time, with a small drop in weight being logged – that is, if you are successful in changing your lifestyle so you can keep those extra pounds off.

3) Final results take three months to show themselves

Don’t look in the mirror after surgery expecting to find Tara Reid or David Hasselhoff staring back at you.

The aftermath of your procedure will have you all puffed up and swollen, which is what leads many uneducated lipo recipients to feel like they have been scammed by their doctor.

These effects are all part of the process when someone slices you open and prods at your delicate insides with foreign instruments.

Wait at least three months before you start raising issues with your surgeon – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same will be true for your new and improved body.

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