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Know Your Options for Outdoor Kitchen Countertop


An outdoor kitchen is an interesting idea to entertain guests and even yourself. This kitchen is built outside your living space. If you have a plan for an outdoor kitchen, you should make the most of your outdoor space. Make sure to leave enough space for both cooking and serving.

While decorating a kitchen, you need to consider several factors. Kitchen countertops are one such factor that contributes to the ultimate look of your kitchen. You should make a choice that is elegant and functional as well. Also consider durability of the countertop material.

Here are some common options for your outdoor kitchen countertop:

Granite: it is the toughest material used as a countertop. It is a natural stone and highly durable. It requires regular cleaning. However, most homeowners think that extra effort is worth it as it keeps the elegant look of the countertop intact for years to come. It is also available in polished varieties and its shine does not fade easily. It is resistant to scratches and can withstand wear and tear. Consult an expert from Arch City Granite & Marble for perfect countertop installation.

Tile: Is a common find as an outdoor kitchen countertop. It is long-lasting and easy to maintain. It is important to install the tile countertop properly; otherwise, issues may come up in the future. You should use waterproof board under tile for your outdoor kitchen. The drawback of using tiles in the outhouse kitchen is these easily discolour. However, discolouration can be avoided to some extent by opting for a dark colour.

Wood: It is not a very popular choice for kitchen countertop as it is not durable and requires high maintenance.  However, it can enhance the aesthetic look of your outdoor kitchen. If you prefer wood countertops, make sure to spend more time on extra maintenance. Some don’t mind that extra hard work as wood gives them the look they desire.

Laminate: Some homeowners want to give laminate top a try in their outdoor kitchen due to its low price. However, it is more likely to disappoint you after a few years. Laminate is durable and needs little time for cleaning. However, the particle board under the laminate creates the actual problem.

Heat, moisture and humidity are big issues with laminate countertops. Laminate is a good option for your indoor kitchen but not for the outdoor one as it is exposed to both sun and rain.

Marble: Marble is actually soft though feels hard. Due to this reason, it cannot withstand weather for a long time. However, that drawback does not make it a bad choice for your kitchen. If you want to go with this option, you are likely to prefer the polished marble due to its glaze. However, fine polish will not protect it from getting worn over time. Honed marble is a great choice as etching will not be prominent on its surface.

Concrete: It makes a good option for those in favor of a contemporary look. Though it is possible to install a concrete slab by yourself, you are suggested looking for an expert for installation.

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