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Know The Details About Wood Burning Cook Stove


So you have bought yourself a new wood burning cook stove. But how do you cook in this device? Wood burning cook stoves were very popular in the olden times, but nowadays people generally use modern devices that are powered either by electricity or gas. So if you have been used to cooking only on your conventional oven or your stove top, you might be a little bit lost when it comes to beginning to cook in a wood stove. But the good news is that it is very easy to do this once you get the hang of it.

One of the benefits of cooking in a wood stove is that apart from cooking, it also provides a wide variety of other functions as well. The cooking itself is not limited to just making regular meals. You can use the stove to bake breads, cakes, pies, to heat water, and basically to make anything that you want. In addition to all this, the wood stove will also keep the house warm. This is especially helpful in colder regions where the utility bill tends to run high. When you start using a wood cooking stove, you will notice that your utility bills are also gradually reducing. So it is just one single device which provides multiple benefits and has many different functionalities.

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Using a wood burning cook stoves is primarily an indication of being self-reliant. Even if the power and gas were not available for a few days, you will face absolutely no difficulties because all your requirements are taken care of. You can cook your food and also keep your house warm. So you are completely reliant on yourself and you do not have to worry about depending on any external source of help at all.

In a wood cooking stove, there will be a chimney that lets the smoke out. When the wood is burned a lot of smoke is produced, and it is important to let it out and it does not stay inside the house. The firebox of the cooking stove is where you burn the wood. It has an easy mechanism to clean the ash also. There is a baking oven where you can bake your dishes, and it is on the top of the cook stove that there is the hob which can be used to cook regular meals. Some wood stoves even have round plates which can be removed.

Once you get started on a wood cooking stove, you will find that cooking meals is very easy and pleasurable.

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