Kyoto: Ancient City in Japan


Kyoto is a city, which was the capital of Japan from early times till 1869. Today Kyoto is a far-famed tourist destination in Japan and a lot of people from different corners of the world come to this cultural center on excursions. It is currently a solely urban, busy and unusual city with many impressive sights. This ancient city amazes tourists by its pavilions with curved roofs, culture, traditions, and art. If you have a desire to feel a spirit of Japan, be sure to visit temples and museums of Kyoto. It will definitely give you a lot of impressions.

TOP-10 must visit places in Kyoto

Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine is a sacred temple, which is known to the whole world for its thousand gates. This place is not ordinary. Walking through long corridors from orange arches, which are stretched for 4 kilometers leaves very unusual impressions. On the way, there are altars, statues, and places, where you can rest and buy souvenirs. You can also meet places with a large number of altars with figures of foxes. The sacred fox is the symbol of this temple. The Japanese people believe that the foxes are envoys of the goddess of wealth Inari. Visiting this temple will immerse you entirely in historical Japan.Kinkakuji Temple is an ancient and breathtaking temple, which is regarded a visiting card of Kyoto. This shrine is covered with gold and it looks very beautiful at any time of the year whatever the weather. Gold on the walls of it shines and sparkles in the rays of the sun. This pavilion looks impressive even when it’s heavy rain though. This is an exceptionally beautiful sight. Except for pavilion itself, there is a forest and a small lake in its territory. Walking along the park, you can meet a small waterfall and a tea house. The terrain around the temple looks very atmospheric.Ginkaku-ji Temple is a Buddhist temple in Kyoto, called «Silver Pavilion». In contrast to the Golden Pavilion, it is not covered with silver but remained wooden. Despite that, this temple has its own beauty and it shouldn’t be overlooked by tourists. It sits in the north-east of Kyoto and looks quite simple, but beautiful. There is also an unusual Japanese garden of stones around the pavilion. Sandy garden in a complex with a pond makes the temple unique. This place is cozy and pleasant for a walk. It is full of green trees, mosses, and beautiful flowers. You can rise higher and relish a tremendous city view from the highest point of the park.Tofuku-ji Temple is not only one temple, but a whole complex of many buildings and functioning monastery. It strikes with its Japanese minimalism and restraint. Beautiful gardens of this temple will expand your ideas, change a usual perception of the garden of stones. Be sure to go through the verandas to see the inner gardens. Everything is perfect for a long pleasant walk there. You can also see red maples. This place is very peaceful and requires a leisurely contemplation.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple is an incredibly big and beautiful temple, which is worth seeing. This place is very atmospheric. Temple buildings, nature, cityscape, and sunset are breathtaking. There is a lovely garden, where everyone can capture the beauty and take many wonderful photos in the period of the Sakura flowering.Toji is a very nice complex of a large ancient temple and a beautiful park. This temple is the oldest in Kyoto, it was built just two years after the founding of the city. The temple itself can be viewed from the inside, unlike the rest. There are many impressive Buddhist sculptures inside it. In the evening, the backlight turns on and everything becomes indescribably beautiful.

Kyoto National Museum is an old and prominent art museum in Japan, which was opened in 1897. You can get acquainted with Japanese culture there. It presents traditional Japanese art. The building itself is very beautiful outside. In addition, there is an excellent park and a pond in the grounds.Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art is an excellent museum, where you can see different beautiful paintings, drawings, and calligraphy. The facade of the building looks very unusual. This museum, which was opened in 1928, is one of the oldest art museums in Japan. It often offers special exhibitions.Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum is located in the area, which is considered one of the brewing capitals in Japan. This museum tells an exciting history of sake through its photos and furnishings. You can get educated about sake making and enjoy a tasting experience of three different sakes there. It is a quite interesting museum to visit.

Monkey Park Iwatayama is a very picturesque place surrounded by monkeys. They add a special coloring to this park. You have to go uphill to get to this park, but after all, it is worth it. It is a great place for observing these mammals in their natural habitat and for seeing them up close. It is very interesting to feed the monkeys. Follow the path and enjoy a chic view of Kyoto, which is opened from the peak of the mountain. Walking in the park, watching monkeys, admiring the beautiful view is a pleasant pastime.

Kyoto is a place, where you can feel an atmosphere of ancient Japan and get acquainted with the Japanese culture. It offers a wide variety of sights, which will not leave anyone indifferent. This old city is unusual, so most of its sights are scattered around outskirts. The best way to reach them is by car. Book Honda car rental in Japan in advance to get lower prices and explore the most incredible sights in Kyoto. They are undeniably worth visiting!

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