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We often hear the words that cinema is an art form that has been commercialized. But we don’t often hear justifications about how it is an art and why it has been commercialized. Given the fact that most of the people repeat what they are told without giving it an ounce of thought some of us who can’t get a proper perspective on this is still confused about this issue. We can’t confirm for the film being an art and we can’t justify if the commercialization is right.

Being in this position is one of the most difficult things for any intelligent person who yearns for a clarity. Getting the right perspective is important for all because people with the right kind of knowledge makes the world better. Having a clear perspective on things lets you support the right thing when the time comes. So, let us discuss the topics everybody wonders about and try to get a better perspective on that.

A film is an art form. A movie is basically a kind of storytelling process. Just the way our elders used to tell us bedtime stories or the way a writer narrates in a novel, a film explains a story giving us visuals and sounds at the same time. It is a kind of heart where a story is told in a compact and precise manner such that it delivers the feeling and message that it was intended to deliver, to the audience.

Very few people understand the essence of the film. The Hollywood filmmakers have evolved better than most of the countries in the film world and are trying to make the best of stories using their resources. The commercialization concept that we hear about from people comes into play here. Hollywood is often blamed for this kind of commercialization since they make films on a huge budget and earn more.

But the fact is that the art should serve the artist and the people simultaneously. The filmmaker works hard to come up with an idea, develops it from its inception, makes into a presentable story with his hard work and willpower. The energy that he puts into that particular idea is his own. Though he doesn’t expect anything in return it is our basic responsibility that we who enjoy the art pay him something for his time and energy.

Since most people are unaware of this transaction and like to enjoy things for free, it has been mandated to pay for the art.  A film which involves more people, more time and huge amounts of resources from other people other than the creator himself the payment has become strictly mandated.

Over the course of time, this concept had been misused by some filmmakers who view movies as just some kind of business and wish to make profits out of it. The practice exists in Hollywood as well as the other huge industries like Bollywood and the underdog movie industries like Kollywood and the Tollywood. Since the filmmakers in these, not so evolved industries possess little knowledge about the concept of the film being an art and the concept of commercialization a heavy amount of resources is used for the sole purpose of gaining profits.

You can watch the influence of this kind in all the latest movies as well. Many of the movies that are being made in the Tollywood and other Indian industries are highly commercialized. But there are many filmmakers that understand the essence of filmmaking and the dignity of the art form that it is. That is the reason why we see some films like Arjun Reddy, MinuguruPurugulu, GundelloGodari etc., among all the latest Telugu movies.

So, the next time someone talks about the commercialization of film let them know that they are not paying anything in vain but that they are paying for the experience that the filmmaking is offering you.


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