Latest Urban Clothing Styles


Urban clothing styles are ideal for just about everyone because it is easy to incorporate this trendy style into other styles. You can even blend it with more conservative and modest looks for unique and fashionable outfits. Knowing more about the latest trends makes it easy to make urban style completely your own.

Tennis Shoes With Everything

Whether you are a guy or a gal, this is the time to bring out your favorite athletic kicks. Whether you are a man wearing a nice suit or a woman wearing a dress, skip the uncomfortable dress shoes and pair your outfit up with tennis shoes. This is a relatively easy style to tackle and as an added bonus, you will find yourself comfortable all throughout the day.

Short Dresses

The summer weather is hot, you want to be stylish without a lot of extra fabric. Short dresses are the perfect compromise. You can wear them just about anywhere and for any occasion and stay cool. Pair the dress up with tennis shoes to ensure optimal comfort and follow the urban trend.

Jogging Pants

Whether you like the traditional jogging pants style or pants with a harem style, you are in luck this summer. Jogging pants are in and they are being worn on runways throughout the world. Men and women can take advantage of these very comfortable pants whether they are looking to dress it up or down. To stick with the urban fashion style, pair up these pants with a pair of high top tennis shoes and a t-shirt. You can easily accessorize with a necklace to add a bit of bling to your outfit.

Cool Camo Everything

Remember back in the 1990s when both hip artists and those performing at grunge rock concerts wore the camo cargo pants? Well, if you miss this look, you will love the new camo trend. Camo is back, but with a twist. The latest camo styles use bolder colors like neon hues and other brights, along with funky camo patterns. Go full on camo or match it up with solid pieces on the same color spectrum.

Hats Over Hair

Instead of spending an hour making your hair resistant to the wind at the beach, just wear a hat instead. Snapback hats are a major urban or street fashion trend right now and they are not just a good option for men. Ladies can also take advantage of this trend. Wear your hair up or down and just place a hat on your head for a fierce urban style statement.

Finding the latest urban trends is not difficult, but it is a good idea to utilize a store that has a diverse selection and solid quality, such as Zamage.com. Along with similar sites you can make it easy to find the latest styles and get information on how to best style them so that you can easily create the perfect outfit for any occasion that has an urban edge.

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