I never appreciated the value of driving know how until I got caught up in a situation that required one to have this knowledge and skill. My neighbor who happens to own a very luxurious car called me in the late afternoon and asked me to drive him to the nearest clinic for some medical help. He could not manage to drive himself and his son and daughters had no clue about driving a car. I offered the help and later told him of the Texas Parent Taught Drivers Education.

This education is not only helpful to equip our children, those above 14 years with technical skill of driving but also make them understand all the traffic rules and regulations to guide them while on the road. What you will appreciate most about this form of education for drivers is that it is very convenient, effective, broad, and cost-effective and is available online for flexibility.

The online platform equips the driver with all the knowledge you need concerning road signs, rules and laws of the land for drivers. Once you complete the online classes, you can apply for the DPS knowledge test so as to get your Texas learner license. This is applicable to children aged 15 years and above.

PTDE Examination

I advise you take your lessons with a lot of seriousness so that you pass the PTDE examination. This is the test that will tell the concerned parties whether you are conversant with road signs, rules and regulations as well as the required knowledge for any driver. Once you pass this examination, you will get a permit to allow you drive as a learner before getting the official driving license.

When you are 16 years, you can apply for a provisional license under conditions that you have displayed good conduct while driving and competed for 30 hours of driving under instruction. Your permit must be six months old at this time not forgetting that you must have passed the driving test.

However, in case you happen to fail the written examination, you are permitted to wait for another one week before doing the examination again. This is free of charge. But why wait to fail such an easy examination?

Learners’ Permit

It is important to note that the driver’s permit issued to you while you are done with the parent taught drivers’ education is only but a provisional license. This means it comes with restrictions which you must observe else you find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Stick to the specifications in your provisional license till you satisfy the requirements to obtain a full driver’s license.


  • Learners learn quickly and in-depth, since they are freer with their parents thus ask any questions they may have.
  • It is cost effective for the parents since they do not have to hire or pay for special instructors to teach their children how to drive.
  • The learners get the driving skills which are very important.
  • You can take your lessons through the online platform then sit your examination later when you feel you are ready.
  • It enables one to be conversant with traffic rules and regulations as well as the road signs.


  • Some learners may be too fond of their parents which limit their learning when the parent is the instructor.


Parent-taught drivers’ education has proved very important for the teenagers in Texas and world over where similar education is offered. It would be good for parents to recommend and expose their children to such education. This will make them knowledgeable of traffic rules and regulations as well as the road signs. In return, this impacts positively on them as they grow. PTDE is among the leading causes for low mortality rate in Texas resulting from road accidents.