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As we grow older, our body starts losing subcutaneous fats that help keep our skin soft, youthful and well-toned. Apart from losing subcutaneous fats, with age we also tend to lose elastin and collagen tissues. As a result wrinkles, folds and smile line start appearing on our face.

In addition to the natural aging process, continuous stress and various emotional factors cause various changes in our physical appearance giving a tired or drained look.

You can restore fullness of your face with the help of dermal fillers by reducing the facial lines, wrinkles and removing creases besides other signs of ageing. 

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are the compounds that are naturally occurring, such as Hyaluronic acid that is meant to maintain required volume within skin by keeping it well hydrated. Some of the dermal fillers used are synthetic like neurotoxin or Botulinum Toxin A (BTA).

Dermal filler treatment is an extremely effective non-invasive cosmetic procedure that helps in reversing the ageing signs by restoring the volume loss and efficiently repairing the wrinkles, marionette lines and folds.

Dermal fillers not only hydrate the skin from within but also help boost up collagen production and recover the lost volumes of tissues.

Dermal fillers injections help in the treatment of:

  • Cheek augmentation 
  • Wrinkles
  • Jawline shaping 
  • Lip filling
  • Mesotherapy for stimulating hair growth, rejuvenate the skin, reduce hyper pigmentation etc. 
  • Skin boosting

Lip filler injections play a crucial role in improving shape and size of lips of those men and women who have thin lips. By taking injections of lip filler in Melbourne, such people can improve the arch and outlines of their lips.  

Lip filler treatment

Proper lip filler treatment can help reduce vertical lines and effects of ageing which in turn helps people regain the desired lush and sensual lips. Lip augmentation or lip enhancement can help you have a better natural look.


Lip filler injections can add required extra volume and plumpness to lips which need improvement in shape or elasticity.

Commonly used lip filler

Most of the cosmetic clinics use high-quality lip fillers to achieve required volume, create contour and add aesthetics to the lips. Usually, injection of bio-identical gel or Hyaluronic acid is used as lip filler substance primarily because it has same composition as occurs in the body also in a natural way.

Although many people opt for permanent lip filler in Melbourne yet Hyaluronic acid is a preferred choice as it can be easily dissolved by injecting certain specific enzymes if desired lip enhancement results are not achieved. Lip filler treatment increases elasticity, flexibility and lip volume without producing any side-effect.

Lip filler injections last for about 6-12 months depending on various factors, such as:

  • Quality and volume of filler injected  
  • Lifestyle factors like smoking 
  • Exposure to sun 
  • Body’s metabolism process

However, permanent lip filler in Melbourne, made from polyacrylamide hydrogel is also used as a permanent implant under the skin once injected and being resistant to biodegradation remain intact permanently.

When you desire to increase your facial aesthetics or enhance lip sensuality and attraction, contact Bay Medical Aesthetics.

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