Lonavala, a small town that falls in between Mumbai and Pune is one of the most visited hill station in Maharashtra. It is 96kms away from Pune and has been an ideal destination for the weekend gateway for locals as well as for people from around the world.

Lonavala is best to be visited during the rainy season. With the majestic waterfalls that welcome you with chilling water to the picturesque view of the hills, Lonavala gives you a complete package.

One can visit Lonavala from Pune by hiring Pune to Lonavala cabs.

Rajmachi:Rajmachi has been one the most reputed among the Sahyadri Ranges. Its natural beauty has been unmatched and is one of the famous trekking ranges that are there in Maharashtra. It is actually a twin structure between the structures of Manatanjan fortress and also the Shrivardhan fortress.

The whole fort comes alive with the rain where one can enjoy the green scenery and also enjoy the sight of butterflies and birds around. The view from there also acts as a vantage point to the rest of the valley below which adds as another positive.

Tikona:Tikona, which means Triangle Fort, is one of the most visited sites in Lonavala. The shape of the fort is like that of a pyramid makes it very easy for anyone to distinguish it from far.

The locals call it Vitangad which was also the name that it received in the past. There are stories of many incidents taking place in this fort over the years which makes it one of the major sites that has to be visited for any history enthusiasts. It also offers one of the best trekking trails for anyone who is interested. One can book an outstation cabs in Pune and go and enjoy this fort.

Pawna Dam: This dam is one of the must-see places that are there near Lonavala. It is located near Lohagad. It is one the most important sites with respect to the agricultural farming done in that land.

One of the best times to visit is during the monsoon season. The refreshing cold water during the cloudy days is something that people can relax to during their weekends. This place also provides a magnificent view of the dam as well as the surroundings.

The dam also offers boating, speed boating, water jet rides and water skiing in the da water. But, despite all of this the major attraction of this place is the pollution free air. Located in the middle of two busiest cities of Maharashtra, this place is untouched by its speed of life or the environment pollution. One can visit this place by simply getting a car rental in Pune.

Maval, Take Lake:  This place holds on its prestige as being one of the most important historical landmarks in the Marathi history. It is said that the place where the soldiers of the Great King ShivajiMaharaj were trained. And since his soldiers were known as Mavalas, the place is known as Maval.

Apart from the historic standpoint, the place is also blessed with a wide range of flora and fauna and one can also try out the various water adventure sports that this region offers.

Lonavala is very famous among the locals of Maharashtra as an ideal holiday destination not only for its beauty but also for its adventure games. One can also find Della Adventure Park here which has more than 70 activities happening on a daily basis. One can easily reach here by hiring a Pune to Lonavala taxi.