Love to Design Your Canvas Wall Gallery? Learn the Steps to Do It Easily


You don’t always need to spend a fortune to decorate your wall. Your collection of favorite travel photos can make a striking statement. Therefore, it’s time to think out of the box and redefine your familiar wall with your own creations. Let’s us get started!

You have a good collection of your favorite illustrations and photos. You know the blank space where to showcase them. What you need now is to have canvas prints of these photos and artworks. Definitely not an easy task but it’s worth your effort. It is now a popular trend to use beautiful canvas prints to spruce up the blank wall spaces with an aesthetic touch.

Choose The Wall Space

Take a tour around your house. Yes, that is a familiar zone but this time, you need to discover the blank walls craving for some artwork installation. If there are more than one possible option, choose what will be the focal point of your interior.

Before you start decorating your own canvas wall, it is important to make sure that the blank wall offers enough amount of space to allow you to go ahead with your creations. Keep in mind windows, doors and switches that can get in your way!

Choose The Right Layout

Once you are done with picking up the right wall for canvas prints, the next step is to choose the perfect layout. The mantra to beautify your canvas wall without bordering on overdoing is to choose something that flaunts off a cohesive character instead of feeling scattered and unfinished style.

Your sense and sensibilities for aesthetics play a crucial role in deciding on the size of the gallery wall. There are two options in this regard. The first one is to scatter the photos over the focal point without using any space-occupying artwork, Alternatively, you can use a large photo over an accent piece or a focal point. The rule of the thumb is to add an interesting amount of visual delight to the focal point of the wall.

Choose Theme And Color Palette

Choosing a color palette is not a child’s pay. Choose a customized color palette that perfectly matches the style of your home decoration. That way, your artwork will never feel odd even if the style varies.

It is up to you to decide on the theme and colors to be used in your gallery. An eclectic collection of multicolored photos or classic ‘black and white’ alternatives will truly make your wall a standout.

Collect Your Creations

Collecting your artworks is the most exciting part of the project. You may have several Mixbook Photobooks creations but not all are equally exciting. Ask yourself which of these images make you feel happy and joyous.

Choose the best photos from your outings or family portraits in recent occasions. Take out high-quality prints of these photos to decorate your empty wall.

You can also search online for beautiful images for gallery wall decoration. Remember that images mean not only photos but quotes as well.

Layout Your Creation

Create a layout with your collections and creations. It is a way to ensure perfect lining of all chosen images and avoid the unwanted holes that warrant patching later.

Lay out the images on the floor to make sure that you like the arrangement. You should not hang the layout on the wall until and unless you are happy with it.

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