The chakras are the energy centers in the human body. These energy centers were imagined to resemble the wheels and they were considered to spin energy and contribute to the physical and spiritual well-being of a person. The clockwise movement was considered to use up the energy in you to the environment around you while the anticlockwise movement is meant to bring in energy from the environment outside you into your body. The energy flows through the chakras. The chakras are seven in number and are placed on the spinal column.  When there is a block in the chakra you are likely to disrupt the harmonious functioning of the individual. Each of the chakras is concerned with radiating different body organs and glands.

The seven chakras

There are 7chakras they are located at different points. They start from the base of the spine and there is a chakra at the crown of your head as well.  You have got to understand how each of the chakras influences the energy centers and how the blocks have to be done. The seven chakras and how they influence include

The root chakra– Is the first chakra that is located at the base of the spine. It is called the Muladhara and is responsible for giving a feeling of being grounded. In other words, it is meant to give a sense of security and stability. A block in Muladhara is responsible for fear, nightmares and anxiety disorders that an individual suffers from. The physical problems that follow include problems in the colon and elimination of wastes, the bladder, lower back problems, feet, anemia or problems of legs. It can affect the sexuality of a person as well.

Sacral chakra– This is the chakra that is located in the lower abdomen region about 2 inches above the navel. It has got to do with the ability to revel in pleasurable things in life. The chakra is aimed at balancing the sense of wellness and has an impact on the energy of the person as well as the self. the chakra is referred to as Swadishtana.

Solar plexus chakra–  this is also called the Manipura chakra meaning the solar chakra that is responsible for assimilating prana from the sun. This is considered the most important of chakras as it has a lot of transformative power. It takes energy from the surroundings and converts into the energy that has to be internalized to use it for the mind and body. This chakra is considered to be influential in establishing the harmonious state of the person. It is considered to make the individual energetic, confident and forthcoming helping the individual exude a cheerful aura. A block in this chakra is considered to cause an attitude of self-criticism. Physical problems include eating disorders and digestive issues.

Heart chakra–  This is the chakra located in the center of the chest just above the heart.  The heart chakra or Anahata chakra is considered as the richest of chakras meaning it would be an expression of love for either the material or the divine world. Negative emotions such as anger, distrust, envy, etc can affect the heart chakra.  Physical disabilities include high blood pressure and heart palpitations. The emotional problems would include self negligence among others.

 Throat chakra–  This is also called Visuddhichakra and as you would understand from the name itself is located in the throat region.  It deals with the communication aspect of the individual.  When the chakra is in equilibrium means that the individual is artistic, creative and spiritually aware and blessed with a beautiful voice as well.

 Third eye chakra– This is referred to as Ajna chakra.  It is considered as a knowledge center. This is the chakra that is located in the forehead between the eyebrows. The harmonized chakra helps the individual embrace a charismatic mind. It ensures that you have the power to focus, take decisions and think effectively. Migraine, insomnia,  and poor vision are the physical problems that can manifest when this chakra is not in harmony.

The crown chakra–  This chakra is referred to as Sahasrara. It is located in the crown of the head. it is related to the brain and can lead to heightened spiritual powers. However, when it is out of focus it could lead to obsessive attachment, boredom, fatigue and neurological disorders.

Understanding how the 7 chakras can influence your emotional health would help you take the best step forward to ensure that the chakras are in harmony at any point in time.