Have you ever thought that the plastic bottle you drink may fit you one day? Now clothing is made from used plastic bottles that are thrown along the shoreline. Today, designers are keen on creating cloths from plastic bottles and packaging otherwise would end up in landfills. According to American Chemical Council, “recycled-plastic fabrics and accessories give new life to bottles and packaging that might otherwise end up in landfills and the plastics are durable enough to last through seasons of sun, sand, and sweat.”

A growing trend in the fashion industry these days is using recycled plastics in summer beachwear, mens beach t shirts and more, and this is found to do something good for your wardrobe and environment. Moreover, with the increase in this popularity, you can find cloths and accessories made from recycled plastics in most of the mainstream retailers.

Many leading brands are creating shirts out of plastic bottle. For them, 8 bottles = 1 shirt. Firstly, they collect plastic bottles from the oceanfront, salvage the discarded cotton and blend it with polyester. The resultant fiber is spun into fabric and sewn into garments. You can buy beach gear online by visiting 30agear.com.

Interesting Facts on Recycling Plastics

  • 1 ton (2000) lbs of plastic bottles recycled to saves approx. 3.8 oil barrels.
  • One million plastic bottles recycled and that can save up to 250 oil barrels and 180 metric tons of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere.
  • To Recyclea plastic bottles it takes eight times less energy than to produce equivalent quantity of new bottles.
  • One fiftygarments (fleece) made from recycled bottles and saves 1 oil barrel.
  • Five hundredTshirtsare made from recycled plastic bottles that helps to save single oil barrel.
  • 50 back packs made from recycled plastic bottles saves 1 barrel of oil.

The 30A Company

The 30A Company has introduced 30A dumpster diver shirts made from recycled plastics bottles that could otherwise end up in ocean and pollute the marine environment. Every shirt created by them is made from eight 16-ounce plastic bottles collected from the oceans and landfills. They are blend with cotton to make them soft. Their recycled yard is made in the USA and the shirts are printed in Santa Rosa beach, Florida. All these processes come in compliance with the rules and regulation of State’s recycling program.

Many industrial experts also agree that there is considerable energy savings in manufacturing when using recycled plastics compared to virgin polyester. Using recycled plastics for making t-shirts and swimwear saves raw materials and reduces energy consumption by an estimated 30% compared to manufacturing virgin polyester.

Making greener choices is inspiring, easy and fun! Visit https://www.30agear.com/ to buy beach accessories online.