Make your Calories Work Harder With These 6 Tricks


When it comes to burning calories, there may be tricks that you know nothing about to help you shed them quickly. Losing weight can be tricky because everybody has different metabolisms or health conditions that make it harder for them to burn any calories.

Exercising and eating healthy are two of the most important ways to burn calories and maintain a healthy weight. Staying fit and healthy helps boost your immune system and reduces the risk of many diseases. However, you can try to burn calories with these six practical tips.

Cold water

The second trick to burn more calories is by drinking cold water. Water alone helps to boost your metabolism in both people who are overweight and healthy weight. You can burn even more calories by drinking cold water. This all has to do with your body warming up the water to the temperature of your body.

The total effect of this trick may vary from person to person. Drinking just 17 ounces of cold water can increase the number of calories you burn up to 30% in just over an hour. These results were concluded from studies that have been done on healthy young adults.



Even though you can exercise, you can try fidgeting, which is a more delicate way of exercising. For example, you can bounce your leg repeatedly, or continuously tap your fingers on a table. These are both known as fidgeting.

People who fidget while either standing or sitting down were shown to have burned five times more calories vs when they just stood or sat down still. Carnitine supplements can also help you burn more calories while staying active. You can do some research to help you find the best carnitine supplement on the market today.

Chewing gum

Next, chewing gum has been shown to increase the rate of your metabolism. Chewing gum does help you to feel full. For example, in a recent study, men of normal weight ate meals on four separate occasions. All the men ended up burning more calories when they chewed gum after eating those meals.

Sugar-free gum may be a better choice so you can protect your teeth. All it takes to increase our metabolic rate is to chew gum for at least 20 minutes after each meal. You can expect to see even higher rates if you fast overnight.

Blood donation

Fourth, donating blood can actually increase the number of calories you burn. Even though this is only temporary, it is a great start. Your body uses energy to combine red blood cells, and proteins when you donate blood to put back what has been lost.

You can only donate blood every eight weeks to give your body time to recharge the supply of your blood. You can even decrease your risk of heart disease by donating blood. Not to mention that you are also saving lives in the process.

Laugh often

If you’re already physically fit and healthy, this will not hurt. The best medicine you can give yourself is laughter. For example, research has shown that laughing can bring out improvements in mental and physical health. It can help improve your immunity, memory, ad much more. Best of all, laughter helps to burn calories.

Metabolic rates have been shown to increase by 20% in individuals who laughed during funny movies. This is a wonderful way to improve your health overall and keep you happy. You can gain more insight by going to There are many tips posted on ways for healthy and fit people to burn calories besides exercising and dieting.

Expose your body to cold temperatures

Unbelievably, exposing your body to cold temperatures can help restore the fat activity in your system while also increasing your metabolic rate. Energy storage is the primary function of white fat in your body. For example, a study was conducted in healthy young men who stayed in 66-degree temperatures for 2 hours.

All of them burned calories, but the ones who had the highest brown fat activity burned more. You can end up having insulin resistance or developing inflammation in your body by having too much white fatty tissue. On the other hand, brown fat helps support your body heat in cold temperatures. People who are considered to be “normal weight” actually have more active brown fat than obese people.

Final thoughts

Your metabolic rate determines the number of calories you burn each day. You can alter your lifestyle by making slight changes and as a result, burn more calories. You can try these tips aside from your regular exercise routine to help burn even more calories. They can be useful in the long run. Chewing gum, laughing more, donating blood, drinking cold water, and even fidgeting are great ways to burn more calories daily.



Mia Johnson
Mia Johnson is a writer with a ten-year long career in journalism. She has written extensively about health, fitness, and lifestyle. A native to Melbourne, she now lives in Sydney with her 3 dogs where she spends her days writing and taking care of her 900 square feet garden.

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