Make Your Home an Enjoyable Place to Be This Summer with These 5 Cleaning Tips


Summer is about cool pools, cool drinks and hot temperatures. As much as humans love the warm weather, so do rodents and insects. A house pest inspection can help you prepare for warm weather, but these cleaning tips will make it easier to keep pests out of your home all summer long.

  1. Rid Your Bathroom of Excess Humidity

High humidity is a natural haven for mosquitos, so do what you can to keep moisture out of your bathroom. When people shower, ask them to use the exhaust fan or open a screened window to help suck some of the moisture out of the air. It is also important to wipe down surfaces that accumulate moisture and to regularly wash any hand towels and shower curtains to keep out excess moisture that can cause mold and mildew to grow.

  1. Secure Your Kitchen and Pantry Against Pests

Garbage cans and disposals can easily trap food and odors that attract insects and rodents, so scrub them down once or twice per week to prevent lingering odors in the summer. Crumbs in or on the toaster, microwave, and stove also attract pests, so wipe them down any time you notice a mess. Remember to keep your pantry and cabinets organized as well. Nearly any type of food can attract pests, but it is especially important to ensure sugar, cookies, cereal and other sweet treats are locked up tight.

  1. Keep Things Clean Outside

Little hands with popsicles, ice cream and other summer treats tend to leave sticky messes on patio furniture, toys, doors and anything else they touch. Leftover food on and under tables and chairs or on the grill also attract pests. Give your patio furniture, outdoor toys and exterior doors a good wipe down after each time the family enjoys outside time to keep ants and other pests from picking up the scent and making their way inside.

  1. Make Use of Peppermint

Ants, bees and some other insects aren’t fans of peppermint. Dip cotton balls in peppermint essential oil and place them near doorways to keep ants from trying to come inside. You can also rub the oil around door frames or in other places where bees tend to buzz or try to get inside.

  1. Give Your Pets a Bath

To prevent ticks and fleas from making their way into your home, give your pets baths regularly and check them for signs of fleas and ticks every couple of days. Regular grooming of your pets’ hair, as well as regular lawn maintenance, also decreases your risk.

Do what you can to keep your home comfortable this summer. Contact a professional for Denver pest control.

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