It is unfortunate that there seems to be a double standard when it comes to gender and sex toys. While it is okay and to some extent even seen as liberating for women to pleasure themselves be it manually or with a toy, for a man it can be regarded as something selfish or even naughty. For this reason, most men will either use sex toys in secret or completely shy away from using them. Besides the social stigma of men’s sex toys, there is also a number of misconceptions on the issue. Like for instance, that a man using sex toys is likely to be gay or that he is somehow less masculine.

However, putting the stigma and misconceptions away, one fact remains. Men, just like women enjoy sexual pleasure. Men may climax relatively easy as opposed to ladies, but in the end, they also appreciate the exploration and sensations of something different, like a sex toy. Research indicates that a lot of men either fancy using a sex toy, are already using one, or would like it if a toy was used on them.

The great news is that today, male sex toys are not just replacing the female vagina. They come in all sorts of designs and target different pleasure points for ultimate excitement. So if you are seeking mutual masturbation, anal stimulation, size enhancement or improved stamina, you can be sure to get a sex toy just for that. Perhaps this is a step in the right direction, as an increased variety of Male Sex Toys could be an indication that people are learning to accept that sexual pleasure and adventure is just as much as a guy’s thing as it is a woman’s thing.

And just in case you need more convincing on the use of Male Sex Toys, remember that anything that can boost an orgasm is a good thing. Harvard Medical School pointed out that regular orgasms help minimize the risk of prostate cancer by up to 22%. In addition, people with erectile dysfunction or those that are generally unsatisfied through ‘normal sex’, get the benefit of experiencing orgasm by using toys to achieve targeted stimulation.

So what are your male sex toy options? If you want something that feels like sex, a flesh-light or suction cup would be great. For a new kind of sensation, you can try a cock-ring or vibrator. For those seeking something wilder, then a prostate massager could be the way to go. This can be achieved with prostate vibrators or massagers, anal plugs and anal beads. These toys not only offer pleasure but also bring in benefits like reducing the risk of prostatitis and prostate cancer, while enhancing erectile dysfunction and circulation of seminal fluids.

Other toys you can explore include penis plugs, penis pumps, penis sleeves, and a sex doll. Whatever you choose will actually depend on what you like and what you want to try. Sexual pleasure is good, but experiencing something new with a male sex toy could be even better. Also make sure that you buy your sex toys from a reputable dealer, to ensure that you are getting quality products.