Now that you have made up your mind to rent out your property, the major task is to decide whether you should manage it on your own or hire a real estate agent. Both approaches have certain positive and negative aspects that you must consider before making a decision. Experienced investors can do so with ease since they have years of experience in dealing with tenants. They can efficiently manage legal affairs and ensure that their renters pay the rent on time.

Low Costs:

When you hire a professional real estate agent, you have to pay their service charges. By managing the rental process on your own, you can save this amount. You can use it for renovation of your house to enhance the value of your property. Professional realtors charge high fees but also save you from the efforts involved. You should choose the DIY technique only if you have enough time to deal with all types of problems.


Managing your own Rental Property management gives you the authority of taking decisions. You can find the right tenant by publishing the advertisement on online property portals or in local newspapers. You can also install equipment that you consider as essential to improve the house condition. Hiring a professional takes the decision-making authority out of your hands. They will arrange inspections and will suggest changes that you should make to your house.

It is recommended to keep the decision-making authority in your own hands if your house was custom designed with particular specifications and if you don’t intend to change it in any way. A majority of professional real estate management companies have specific methods of dealing with properties. They will overlook your property if you do not agree with their terms and conditions. Keeping the matters in your hands gives you the opportunity to rent out your house with ease. You can manage your own property rental even if it is on lease.

Legal Process:

Undoubtedly, renting out your property involves various legal requirements. You have to fill up forms and legal documents comprising the terms and conditions. However, you can do it on your own through research. You can contact legal advisors who can efficiently guide you on the pre-requisites for renting out your home. You can save costs by preparing documents on the advice of attorneys.

Carrying out legal process on your own for renting away your property provides you the opportunity of learning. If you leave everything in the hands of a professional realtor, you may not be able to deal with such legal matters in future.

Rent Collection:

Collecting the rent on your own is a more appropriate choice than leaving it on professionals. You can enforce fine if the tenants do not pay the amount within due time. The presence of legal contract ensures that the conditions are in written form and you can take the renters to court in case of any issues. If you have rented out just a portion, it is easier to collect rent on monthly or quarterly basis.