Mani features of child care management software  


Nowadays, technology has gifted many advantages to the people who are carrying out their businesses at a large scale. Child care business is one of them, you need to have the best and advanced technology for smooth running.  The best child care management software can minimize your administrative load, improve parents experience and can help you in giving exact insight of your business. Whether you are looking for enrollment management, billing solution, you will get all of these features in a single app there is lot more to sort through and various features which are as follows. 


It is known as the powerhouse in terms of managing the classroom due to its heavy administrative duty. Through this feature, you can see the future sessions, allow you to know how many spots you will have that will help you in allocating the resources. It also allows parents to quickly get information when needed. It allows staff to access anything that provides convenience to your employees to update class status. 


It could create a big hassle at the time of billing in child care centers. Billing software helps in coordinating payments and creating invoices and everything you need to know on your fingertip. It includes automate billing methods so all the invoices are automatically sent to parents on the date of payment which is selected through various secure platforms. It also offers addition features of payment that is auto pay or direct deposit; this minimizes the chances of payment skipping.      


Attendance tracking software helps in tracking the attendance of your staff as well your student, complied report can be accessed by parents and teachers to know exact attendance status of any child.  This digital attendance sheet is prepared by teacher of every child that helps their parents in knowing that their kids have reached school safely. It minimizes administrative paperwork that includes managing huge attendance record at one place. 

Child portfolios 

Creating child’s portfolio is a big step towards showing care and responsibilities for the kid. Previously creating portfolio included a lot of paper storage, notes, binders and many more. But now this modern and digital idea is more initiative and attractive. It includes storing of photos and videos that convey story of different milestones of child. These photos and videos can also be seen by parents and downloaded as well.     

Parent pickup

Parent pick up app is interconnected to administration, drivers and parents. They all update status digitally accordingly.  It gives a sense of security towards the child to both administrative authority and parents. All the information like the driver’s name, route, time is digitally given that helps parents to know where is the kid at a particular time.  After the kid reaches the home, it is updated by parent that helps administration to know appropriate status of the child.

After school solution 

This software plays an important role in improving the efficiency and increases accountability to your after school centers. It is loaded with various after school features like online registration, invoicing, marketing, after school pick up programs, activity feeds, check-in and out system and many more. It is more beneficial for parents as they can avail equally profitable features.        

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