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Struggling to bulk up? Then the answer lies in the daily calorie intake. For those who usually take time to gain mass and muscle, chances are that they belong to a body type called ectomorphs. These individuals require at least 500 additional calories each day which can be easily obtained using a good quality mass gainer.

Do Mass Gainers Work? 

Whether you are a hard-gainer who is struggling to put on weight or a professional who needs to bulk up fast, mass gainers are extremely reliable. When it comes to buking up, you only need to make sure that your calorie intake is higher that the calories burnt each day. Mass gainers are designed to do just that by giving you a high calorie drink that you can use on the go. You do not have to worry about eating large portions or several meals through the day. 

How to Ensure the Mass Gainer Shows Results? 

The product that you choose decides the results that you will get with any bodybuilding supplements. Even with a mass gainer, you need to know what to look for and how to use the product to make sure that it is efficient. Here are some tips for choosing the best mass gainer for yourself:

  • Check the protein and carb ratio: This is the most significant feature of any mass gainer. In order to make sure that you gain muscle mass, your body needs to have an adequate supply of proteins. However without enough carbs or fats, these proteins are used as sources of energy instead. So, make sure that the maximum calories in your mass gainer is coming from carbs. Therefore, the ideal protein to carb ration is 1:3. 
  • What other nutrients are available: Mass gainers are not only about gaining more but are also an important nutritional support for your training regime. This is why, choosing a mass gainer with additional nutrients like amino acids, vitamins and minerals is the best option. This helps your body recover faster from strenuous training and even ensures maximum performance through the day. 
  • Digestive Enzymes: A mass gainer with digestive enzymes is often recommended because it makes it easier for the body to assimilate the added calories. This prevents issues like bloating and gas. In addition to that, the nutrients that you consume through the day are also used up better. 
  • Low sugar content: While you need extra calories, sugar can give you empty calories that simply get stored as fats. These calories are not used up in providing your body with more energy to function to its best ability. 

Where to Buy 

If you are looking for the best and the most reliable mass gainers in the industry, then you can trust HealthKart to deliver great quality each time. You can also make the most of some of the most exclusive discount offers that ensure that you get great products at the lowest prices. 


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