Mechanical Work Financing – Lien Wavers Overview.


If you’ve paid, or are just about to pay, a mechanic for work they have completed, you can get them to sign a Mechanic’s Lien Waiver

Avoid serious legal trouble following a major mechanical work by making sure you have a lien waver signed by each and every sub-mechanic hired to work on your home before the final payment is made. Even mechanics who work for just a few hours need to sign a waver.

Few people understand that even if the general mechanic has been paid in full for all services (and a receipt signed), sub-mechanics can still place a lien on their property if they don’t receive payment from the general mechanic who ultimately chose and hired them. Lien wavers take payment responsibility from their client and put it back on the general mechanic.

It’s considered normal practice for the main mechanic to assume responsibility for hiring all sub-mechanics , and paying them from the fee they charge you . That’s why you hire general mechanics in the first place. Problems arise, however, if the general mechanic fails to pay his sub-mechanics . Which, by the way, happens all of the time. Without a signed lien waver from each worker, It remains your responsibility for those payments, even if they’d already paid the general mechanic for the services.

Lien waivers protect you from double paying on a specific job by ensuring that all parties understand that the general mechanic will be handling all sub-mechanics payments.

What is important for a lien waver to include?

.Your name.

.The Mechanics full name, address and telephone number.

. A detailed description of the work including the final state of the asset at the completion of the job, as well as a listing of what materials should be removed from the asset.

.The status of the work.

.Signed and dated. Be sure to have the mechanic print and sign his name on two copies (one for him and one for you). Date every one!

.A witness signature (optional, but encouraged).

It may seem like a bit of a hassle to make sure lien wavers are signed by every single sub-mechanics who works for your asset during a large-scale project. But, not making sure that everyone releases you from further payment once the job is completed is an easy way to safeguard you from further financial responsibility.


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