Medicinal marijuana for the treatment of autism



To date, most of the data about using medical marijuana for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders are unreliable. Parents of children who are afflicted say that using cannabis aids the symptoms-calming anxiety, easing tensed muscles and more.

Cannabis Science, Inc.

Earlier in the year, the American company Cannabis Science Inc. that grows pharmaceutical cannabis goods publicized an enterprise with a group called UF4A – “Unconventional Foundation for Autism”. The design of this partnership is for “Cannabis Science” to aid the Foundation, building on success with the select cannabinoid treatment plans it is already using. They are testing for another hemp oil benefits.

Representative UF4A

According to councils of UF4A, 11 autistic children have shown results that are positive from medicinal cannabis treatments, but there are some worry that such children could become addicted to marijuana as they age or abuse it later in life. As such treatment is very new, it is too soon to adjust any long-term effects, positive or negative.

Life saver

This might be the life saver for parents and children with autism, but further research needs to be done.

One patient

Noa Shulman, one of the patients, arrived home from school, and her mother gave her mashed potatoes mixed with cannabis oil to eat. Noa’s form of autism was quite severe. 17-year-old Noa starts to bite her own arm, and then her mother said to her, “No, sweets, eat some more food.”

First clinical trial

Noa was a possible breakthrough that could offer relief for millions of affected children as she was one of the children in the first clinical trial in the world to test aids of medicinal marijuana for people suffering from autism.

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