You were injured at work. What’s next? You may have impending medical bills, and depending on your injuries, you may be out of work for at least a while. With workers’ compensation insurance coverage, you can get fair compensation that will cover for things like medical bills and loss of wages. In Virginia, you have 30 days to report the incident and your injuries to your employer. Filing your claim may seem simple on paper, but things may not move as expected, as insurance companies may adhere to diverse tactics to reduce their financial liability. That’s precisely where you need an experienced Fairfax workers’ compensation attorney working by your side. If you are meeting an attorney for the first time, here are some questions to ask. 

  1. How long have you been dealing with workers’ compensation claims? People hire an attorney for workers’ compensation cases because they want to be sure that they will get the compensation that they deserve. You have to talk to an attorney in depth to know the kind of experience they have in such cases. While most cases are settled outside of court, there are a few circumstances, when it might be necessary to file a lawsuit. 
  2. What do you think of this claim? The role of a workers’ compensation attorney is to offer comprehensive overview of every aspect that is related to the claim. For instance, if your injuries are likely to have an impact on your future life and profession, the settlement should consider that aspect. Insurance companies wouldn’t want to pay more, so you need an attorney, who can offer a fair overview of what you can expect from the matter. 
  3. Are you available? How do you charge your clients? These are two questions in one. the workers’ compensation attorney that you hire in Virginia needs to have the time for you case. Secondly, the attorney needs to be affordable. Many attorneys charge a part of the compensation amount as their fee, while others may work on a retainer basis. Either ways, you need to have a fair idea of the costs involved. 

In some cases of workers’ compensation, a third-party lawsuit may be considered. Talk to an experienced attorney to know the consequences, and don’t shy away from discussing your expectations in depth. A good attorney will negotiate on your behalf and ensure that you don’t settle for any small amount that’s offered at the first instance.