Misconceptions Regarding Getting Social Security Benefits after a Divorce


The divorce procedure entails negotiating a plan regarding the distribution of assets and their as well as financial support. People tend to have a lot of misconceptions regarding the process of getting Social Security benefits after divorce. 

It is better to consult Milwaukee divorce lawyers who can help eliminate the errors and ensure you get proper benefits social security benefits. 

Some of the commonly believed misconceptions 

  • Inability to claim Social Security special benefits after divorce:

A lot of individuals assume that an ex-spouse cannot claim Social Security special benefits after divorce. This is entirely false as an ex-spouse can file a claim to their other spouse’s Social Security benefit. The exception is that the duration of marriage must be at least a decade for receiving the benefits. The person seeking the benefits must not be married and must be 62 years old to claim it. 

Additionally, the benefit-seeking individual must be qualified to receive Social Security retirement or disability benefits. The amount of social security benefit to be received by the individual from their ex-spouse must be more than the benefit they are entitled to based on their work.

  • Effect of one spouse on the other’s social security benefits: 

A lot of divorced people tend to believe that an ex-spouse can affect the other spouse’s Social Security benefits. It is not true at all. The claim made by one spouse does not affect the other spouse’s benefits. It is not possible to influence someone else’s benefits by merely claiming yours. 

  • Inability to seek benefits if a spouse has not applied for retirement benefits:

Another misconception regarding social security benefits is that access files cannot claim to seek benefits on the record of another spouse if they have not made any applications for retirement benefits. If the spouse is qualified to receive retirement benefits, the other spouse can receive the benefits as well if the spouse has been divorced for two years. There is no need to hesitate while pursuing an ex-spouse’s social security claim. There is no need to be approved or authorized by your ex-spouse to claim the benefits. 

Consulting a professional help 

Social security benefits are an additional source of income that must be taken seriously. Contact an attorney to get legal information about the amount you can claim in the benefits and the steps required for it. They assist in navigating the process effectively. 

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