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Nothing is so therapeutic as taking a vacation to one of the leading tourist destination towns in the world, after a monotonous period of work. A visit to Budva, a town in Montenegro, Europe, is worth every of your cent. Budva is a town in Montenegro, adjacent to the Adriatic Sea. Known for sandy beaches and nightlife, it is definitely the place you would want to break the monotony of daily routines at your workplace, or even spend time with a loved one. It is also home to sea citadels and other religious sites. Its rich history, which is on view at Budva City Museum, brings together artefacts dating back to the Grecian and Roman periods.

The travel periods between June – September, is when the typical Mediterranean climate features a warm and dry summer coupled with mild, rainy winters. Carnivals in Budva are mostly celebrated between April and May, though the dates vary, with masked processions, traditional sweets and displays of fireworks. There are also City Theatres between June – August, where open-air cultural performances are done and even art events. There’s also an annual Sea Dance Festival in the month of July, with large-scale music at Jaz Beach and even camping activities.
A day is not complete at Budva without sunbathing in the warm summer sun at the Mogren Beach, and a good swim in the waters. The Small sandy beach is sheltered by long cliffs and is very safe for swimming; also ample sunbeds and a café to boot. The beach and other remote beaches across the bay provide for this worthwhile opportunity to bask and enjoy the luxuries availed by Mother Nature. The Sveti Nicola Island – alias Hawaii – with wild deer and isolated rocky beaches is a sight to behold.
Leisure activities that make the experiences more memorable are also available at the numerous casinos and resort along Budva Riviera. It is one of the nice ways to spend the evening hours with friends and even the locals. Not forgetting the water pack complex having pools, slides and kids’ attraction centres, with restaurants and even souvenir shops at Aquapark Budva. The Budva air is also another way to enjoy a vacation, with paragliding activities that give you a view of the town from the sky.
And a vacation is only memorable when the taste buds are treated to the Montenegrin Cuisine at the classy restaurants at Budva. The food there is sweet, you will want to relish more. The locals are also very welcoming, and friendly, with the utmost respect and love towards one and all.
The monasteries and churches around which date back to the fifteenth century have a rich religious background and give a good religious experience to the visitors. For example, the Podmaine Monastery is known for its vibrant interior frescoes. No one will decline taking photos of this wonderful paintings.
To help navigate through the attractive town of Budva, one would need a means of transport. Thanks to the rental cars at Montenegro, which offer car rental services that make it easier to travel through the town. The cars available range from the economy class, standard cars, the luxurious cars and the crossover. Renting cars from Auto-Travel.me gets you the best fees without charges on agents’ fees and commission. Only advanced payment is required while booking, without having to pay the whole fee.

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