How to Mop Tile Floors


In this very article, I am going to show you how to mop tile floors effectively and make them shine. With proper care, your tile floor will look like new every day, want to know how?

Just stick with me.

Tile floors are a very popular choice for the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas, they offer not only a smart floor but easy cleaning too. As I said, cleaning tile floor is easy but there are few tricks to clean tile floors effectively and make them shine like new ones. Read on,

Basic floor cleaning

  1. Vacuum: Try to vacuum your floor every day, which will remove food crumbs, loose dirt and other debris before they gather on the floor.

Don’t allow any dirt, food crumb or anything sit on a wet floor for a long time, remove them immediately or they will become hard to remove and may put strains on the floor.

Before you mop your floor, sweep or vacuum the floor and after mopping the floor, run a dust mop or a dry cloth over the floor.

  1. Mop the floor: Clean the floor with mop and warm water. In this section, you have to pay attention to the mop. Picking a wrong mop can make you suffer in many ways.

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If your floor requires heavy cleaning and doesn’t have stains, simply just run a dry mop over the floor that would be enough to keep that floor clean.

One important note, clean the mop after every session of cleaning and clean the mop with warm water, repeat this until you clean the entire area.

If possible try to mix a little amount of dish soap in the water in order to pick dust and debris.


  1. Clean up the spills: If tea, juice, coffee, water, or any liquid spills on the floor, clean them immediately. The more time you take to clean them, the more strong strains they will leave.

Orange juice and other sugary liquids are very sticky.

Deep Cleaning

Use vinegar solution: When floor requires deep cleaning, then mixing ½ cup vinegar in a gallon of water is the easiest and cheapest solution. After mixing the water and vinegar, mop the floor as usual.

Still not looking as clean as you expected?

Mop the entire floor with water and detergent, then rinse off the floor with warm water and make sure that, there is no residual soap left to attract new dirt.

Stains removing: Removing stains from tile floor takes real effort, on the other hand, some stains are stubborn as hell. But with the right technique, hard stains can be removed easily.

Make a paste of warm water and scouring power, mix both of them equally. Take a clean cloth and rub the paste on the stain, then leave the paste for 5 to 10 minutes.

Now take a soft brush and wash the area with warm water, if you still see any stain repeat the process again.

Remove rust spots: Removing rust spots from the tile is another hard job. However, this doesn’t happen often but with kerosene, you can remove them easily. Just wear rubber gloves, for your safety and rub the affected area with the kerosene.

I hope now you know how to mop tile floors effectively and if you think I missed something, don’t hesitate to hit me up in the comment section. Kudos!

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