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Moving in with your significant other – all the dos and don’ts


The relationship with your partner seems to go really well at the moment and you are thinking about making a step further? Moving together is a big change in both of your lives, but it can be very beneficial for getting to know yourselves better and noticing how would you get along when sharing a living space. It is a brave decision and it can be damaging if one of you is not prepared, so you should communicate with each other. Once you made the big decision, you can start creating a checklist with all the things you need to do before actually moving in. Both of you probably have a lot of stuff that you need to pack. You also need to decide what you keep and what you are going to store away. Follow these tips if you want to lessen your work:

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There are some things you should definitely do:

  • Write down what you need to complete and the deadlines you should respect – this will help you keep everything organized
  • Label all the things you pack – it will be easier to unpack at your new location, so you won’t need hours to find exactly what you need
  • High-value items should be stored aside – don’t pack high-value items next to the normal ones. Instead, take into account labeling and put high-value boxes in a different, safer place.
  • Hire a licensed moving company – you won’t be able to do all the work by yourself. Hiring a company that can offer good transportation services will lessen everything
  • Declutter – before packing, you need to declutter your current house. Ask your partner to do this together and decide what’s relevant for your moving day and what’s not. Some items can be deposited in storage units if you feel like you no longer need them. Until making a further decision, that’s the best option.


And some things you should avoid:

  • Moving companies won’t be available on the day of your move if you don’t book an appointment. Avoid leaving things for the last minute.
  • Always check the reputation of the moving company you select, because there are a lot of scam companies out there. Never choose a moving company you know nothing about. The truck full of your belongings can disappear unexpectedly.
  • Don’t waste time on irrelevant things. You simply need to pack essentials and label them properly. Getting lost in details and small things will only cause you trouble.
  • You should always ask your partner before making a decision. Since you are moving together, you should decide what goes and what stays together. Don’t leave your significant other out of making decisions.
  • Don’t overpack. Think about how much available space you have at the new location and plan ahead where you are going to store everything. If you won’t do that, chances are your new house will be overcrowded with things you two don’t actually need.

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