One of the most important aspects of the fast pace of life is a person’s identity. Identity cards are the norm today, and whether a person belongs to a government organization, a private company or is studying in a school or university, having the ID card readily available is the standard accepted practice today.

An ID badge holder is generally a great accessory in which an ID badge can be placed keeping it safe and secure. This ID badge holder can be attached to a person’s shirt or pant, or it also has a neck strap. Below are some of the basics that one needs to know about ID badge holders.

Features of ID Badge Holders

  • ID badge holders are made of a variety of different materials. Depending on the type of badge they can be flexible or rigid and can be used for a horizontal or vertical badge, depending on the need. The standard ID badge holder is for a horizontal card which is acceptable in most institutions. ID badge holders are also made in a unique shape for luggage tags mostly used for international travel. Some cards may be multi-directional as well.
  • The materials used for this accessory include plastic, vinyl, nylon, paper, silicon, resin and leather to name a few. The material also depends on the type of ID badge holders that are needed by the user.
  • For official use, generally, holders come in standard darker colors like black or red or grey. However, one can find an ID badge holder in almost any color in the market.
  • The process of placing the ID in the ID badge holder is often an easy one. There are generally five different types of extraction options, to safely insert and extract the ID from the ID badge holder. These include the lever method, the manual method, the slide ejector method, the thumb cut out and the thumb notch method. Each of these styles is easy to use and help keep the ID safe in the ID badge holder.

Attachments on the ID Badge Holders

  • This is a very versatile accessory tool that can have a series of attachments on it for the convenience of the user. The ID badge holders can also convert into mini wallets. Some of these holders have slots, wallets, pockets and even zipped compartments in the back so that the users can keep a little money or a credit card or some basic wallet items in it.
  • Some professions require the ID badge on the arm. There are ID badge holders available with arm straps so that these can be securely placed on the arms of professionals.
  • The most common attachment to this accessory is the neck strap that holds the ID badge holder around the neck of the user. Another common accessory is key rings to attach keys to the ID holder.
  • Many people like to pin their IDs to their shirts. Often there is a detachable buckle or pin clip so that users can easily pin these holders into their pockets or shirts or even pants.
  • Another popular attachment is the retractable strap with a clip attached at the end. This is a two in one enclosure where the neck strap can be retracted with a reel, and the ID badge holder can simply be clipped on the shirt. This makes it a convenient option for users.

ID badge holders are essential for protecting the ID badges today. Many institutions do not grant their students or employees access to their infrastructure without proper valid ID cards. So keeping them safe and easy to access requires ID badge holders. These ID badge holders are often waterproof, durable and made of sturdy materials. Generally, people have one or two ID badge holders, more if they want to use different colors and styles to make the whole experience more fashionable and fun.

Some people like to use ID card holders with various colors, symbols, and designs to make them a more stylish accessory. ID badge holders are essential in today’s corporate world. It is necessary for working men and women and even school and university going students to buy this accessory in 2018.