The multi-tasking utensil, blender is an awesome creation for those who love to cook and also for those who are always looking for easy ways to make their foods. Blenders can create Smoothies, juices and nut butter. It can grind coffee and crush ice to make cocktails. Some blenders even come with chopping setting which let them chop vegetables and fruits. But with the advent of technologies many companies now have introduced high power blender in the market which are very popular now.

Let us see the features of high power blenders

Power – When you hear the high power blender the first thing that comes to your mind is the power of the blender. We’ll a high power blender should have a power of 1000 to 1560 watts of power.

Also, high wattage gives these high power blenders the ability to do things that low power blenders cannot do.

Capabilities – A high power blender has more capabilities than an ordinary blender. An ordinary regular blender can only blend soft fruits and leafy vegetables. But a high power blender can work magic with its features.

Heating soup is one such capability of a high power blender. A high power blender can be used to turn room temperature ingredients into a hot bowl of soup that to in just minutes.

High power blenders are very efficient in grinding coffee beans and other grains. Also you can make homemade flour in your blender, thanks to these high power blenders. Those who are allergic to gluten are now making their own flour with the help of these high power blenders.

Other tasks which a high power blender can perform are

  • Milk shakes
  • Ice cream
  • Bread dough
  • Fruit Smoothies
  • Vegetable Smoothies
  • Whole juice
  • Pancake batter
  • Dips
  • Almond milk

What power blenders can do (in details) –

Power blenders blend and heat at the same time. Power blenders have powerful blades which are very sharp. As they work very fast, the blades in these blenders move very rapidly. The motors in the blades are very strong so they create enough heat when they are blending. It is very good option to heat up baby foods. Even if you add some tomatoes and sautéed onions in the blender you are sure to get a hot bowl of tomato soup.

Nut butters and nut milks are made with these high power blenders. High power blenders can work wonder with nuts and can turn them into nit butter with the write consistency. One can make nut milk with these high power blenders by adding nuts and a little bit of water in the blender.

They are used as a utensil to grind flours and also as a spice grinder.

Technology for high speed blender–

There are many high power blenders in the market now. These different blenders have been manufactured in different companies so the technology used in them may vary. Some high power blenders are bigger in size while some are smaller. A high power blender may have a base unit which is strong and sturdy. They come with sticky pads on the bottom of the base unit. The blades are also very good and powerful which can blend anything. While blending they even does not make much noise. These high power blenders are brush less DC motors which prevent them from making too much noise. They also have smart built-in technologies which are very useful. These functions can speed up, slow down and turn off the machine automatically. The high power blenders come with pulse option which can control the blending time. They are also dishwasher safe cups.

It is also super easy to clean high power blenders

It is very easy to clean these blenders. Just add some dish soap and warm water into the jar of the blender. Then just press the start button on high speed. It is very easy to clean these blenders. Just add some dish soap and warm water into the jar of the blender. Then just press the start button on high speed. The high speed blades of the blender send the water in each and every corner of the jar and thus cleaning them properly. But if you have prepared nut butters and nut milk then you may need to clean it more carefully.

Why everyone cannot afford a high power blender

High power blenders are very costly. The technology that is used in these blenders does not come cheap. Also the blades and the jar of a high power blender are different from that of the power blenders so they are more expensive. Also to cut back the noise, high power blenders use brush less DC motor blades which are also costly. But one thing that is for sure these blenders are worth it.