The Next Step – How to Begin the Drug Rehabilitation Process


 The journey to a healthy, sober life is not an easy one. If you are someone who is addicted to substances, you will know how painful being stuck in such a situation is for both yourself and your loved ones. Drug rehabilitation is a lifelong commitment, and will take an immense amount of hard word to get through. The rewards you will receive from transforming your life from addiction to recovery, however, will be absolutely invaluable. In this article, we will touch on the steps you can take to begin the drug rehabilitation process, so read on to find out more.

Find A Rehab Center That Fits Your Needs


Step one in the road to recovery is to find a drug rehabilitation center that fits your needs. Go into various treatment facilities, ask questions and be open about what you are looking to do. Many centers offer drug counselling, group support, home based services, assessment plans and individualised treatment plans. Which type of service suits you and your needs best can be discussed with a team. Remember to be open to suggestions by professionals – you may have to go through and do things that you will be uncomfortable doing, but always remember that nothing great ever came from comfort zones.

With that said, however, you need to be able to find a program that meets you in the middle – something that challenges you to reach out of your comfort zone, but something that you also feel confident and safe in. Chances of long term recovery are higher when you feel at ease in the facility or program you are enrolled in. Being absolutely honest and transparent during this entire process is vital, so always voice your opinions to your friends, family and support team should anything feel a little too intense for you.



A majority of drug rehabilitation programs will require you to go through a phase of detoxification at the very beginning of your treatment. This is designed to remove all traces of any drugs you may be on from your body. The severity of your detox process will be based upon how long you have been using substances, the frequency of your use and if there are any other drug addictions involved.

The detoxification process is a safe one, with the help of your medical team behind you, but will not be a pleasant one. You will start to experience withdrawal symptoms, some of which include depression, nausea, cramping, sweating, agitation and trembling. In instances where you are addiction to substances such as Heroin, you may be treated with medications such as Methadone to ease the severity of your withdrawal symptoms. Whilst this entire process is generally an unpleasant one, do remember that it is the first and most important step to take in your journey towards recovery. It will all be worth it in the end.

It’s All About Your Attitude

Whilst going through drug rehabilitation, it is so important for you to have a positive mental attitude. It has been noted that people who enter the process with a positive frame of mind usually end up with higher success rates as compared to those who fight recovery and are negative about the situation. Having the support and love from those who are closest to you also greatly helps. Always remember that those who care for you will not lie to you – only your addiction does.

It Doesn’t End When Your Programme Ends


Recovery is a lifelong journey. Just because you have finished the programme or have been through your detoxification, counselling and therapy does not mean that you are free from addiction. It is always advised that you enrol yourself in something like a 12 Steps Programme after your treatment, along with follow up sessions with your counsellors to keep you on track. Life is full of temptations and roadblocks, so ensuring that you are mentally strong and have all the support you need will prevent you from giving in to any obstacles that may come your way.


We hope that this article has been useful in pointing you towards the right direction with your drug rehabilitation. We are certain that with hard work, perseverance and a great support network, you or your afflicted loved one will be able to pull through this hard time in life.

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