Nicest & Meanest Zodiac Signs: Zodiac Signs Ranked from the Nicest to the Meanest


Personalities are influenced by lots of factors. According to best psychics online, your zodiac sign may be responsible for how nice or mean you are. Here are the nicest and meanest signs of the zodiac.


The first sign on the nice list is Pisces. People born under this sign tend to be pleasant, positive and easy to get along with. They don’t like to fight, and they enjoy helping others.


Another sign that is known for being nice, according to some medium readings, is Libra. Libras are known for being fair and personable, which are good interpersonal traits. They also like to keep the peace.


Individuals with a Taurus zodiac sign may also be kinder than others. This sign is known for being polite, patient and communicative. Their excellent communication skills contribute to positive interactions.


People with the Sagittarius sun sign are also pleasing to be around. They avoid gossip and negativity and promote kindness in their dealings with others.


The Aquarius zodiac sign has moments of being extremely nice and positive, with great listening skills and friendliness. If in a bad mood, however, people with this sign may come across as rude.


Another sign that can be either nice or temperamental is Cancer. Cancer signs may have moods that are up and down, and if you catch a Cancer on a bad day, you may regret it. They may have strong emotions and a bit of negativity if they’re feeling bad.


A free birth chart calculator can also give you insight into the Gemini’s confusing moods. One minute someone with this zodiac sign may be your best friend, and the next minute a Gemini may be irate with you if you do something to wrong them.


The Leo sun sign is another one that can be changeable. If someone challenges or argues with a Leo, this person will stand up for themselves and make sure their opinion is shared, even if it’s not popular. Sometimes, this comes across as brutal and unkind.


Virgos are not necessarily known for their flexibility and nice personalities. They tend to want everything to be a certain way, and if something goes wrong, they can get angry and passive-aggressive. They also bottle up their feelings sometimes and aren’t as open to sharing their opinion until they’re angry.


Capricorns are also personalities that are more known for their anger than their happiness. If you cross one, they have intense anger and a way of delivering unkind words and insults.


Next, the Aries sun sign is another one that can test your patience if you don’t want to deal with conflict. They are known for being rather demanding and impatient with their wants. They don’t hold grudges, but they do express their unhappiness right away if they have a problem.


The final sign on the list, known as the meanest, is the elusive Scorpio. While they can be nice, they turn cold and vengeful if they feel wronged. Watch out for their intense anger and their retaliation tactics.

Your sun sign may be a clue into how you deal with conflict and getting along with others. When dealing with other people, think about their sun sign’s meanest and nicest traits.

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