Not Another Flat Tire! – This Time You Are Not On Your Own


A Little Known Secret

The Ford Taurus I recently purchased from Camby Ford rode like an absolute dream! So, I didn’t think anything of it when I pressed the gas a little harder. It was ten minutes before the night shift began and I didn’t want to be late again. It was getting dark and I couldn’t make out the huge pothole that was on the interstate I travelled to get to work every day. I felt it though. Bam. I was afraid I did damage to the frame it was such a jolt. It instantly flattened the tire and I had no choice but to wait on the side of the road for the emergency crew that trolled the highways for people in my situation. Though the certified used car from Camby Ford was in great shape along with a usable spare in the trunk, I had no idea of how to put it on.

When I finally got to work, a co-worker suggested I call my township to recoup the funds I had expended for the tire. She commented that it was not my fault that I had run into the pothole. She also reminded me that our tax dollars are paid to ensure that the roads are paved and potholes are filled. The more she spoke about it the more I liked what she said. I felt my boxing gloves getting tied onto my tapped fists. I was ready to fight with the town to get reimbursed for the new tire I would have to purchase!

Get Ready For Your “Fight”

Actually, it was more like get ready for a huge wait. I finally did get the entire amount I paid for the new tire back from my town. It took almost four months though. If you ever find yourself flat on the side of the road keep the following in mind:

  • Document Everything – If you get into an accident or damage your car with no incident occurring to cause it jot down the time and place even if the police are not warranted to be there. The staffer who will handle your claim will want the exact date, time and location of your issue. This information may be taken to corroborate your claim, to have the road crew repair the highway or just for statistics.
  • Keep Your Receipts – If any repair work has to be done on your car make certain to get a receipt for the items you paid for and the service that was performed. The staffer will request the original. Make certain to make a copy for yourself.
  • Call the Department of Highways in your Town ASAP – Some jurisdictions have a time stamp on when you can file a claim. If you wait too long you may not be reimbursed.

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