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The daily expenses and the cost of necessities of OFWs abroad can be very challenging, but their love outweighs all these hardships to ensure the security of all the needs of their loved ones. To stay abroad for a long period can happen, but to work there forever is impossible. That said, OFWs have to know where to find great deals to save and get legitimate financial aid in the Philippines.

To live and be far from our own family is a situation we never wish to be in. But, not for the OFWs. For a better life, OFWs will be selfless to give anything for their family even if it means being away from their loved ones. Proves how big is the heart of a OFW is.

Therefore, if you are looking for ofw loan, let this article help you by giving you extra tips and few ideas on what to consider. Below are some financial institutions in the Philippines you can safely apply for ofw loans to avail beneficial offers:

  • Landbank

Interest: – 0.625% every month

Payment duration:

Short term – 1 year maximum

Term Loan –cash flow-based and will not exceed 7 years.

Loan amount maximum 80% of TPC

Loan amount minimum – PHP 100, 000

  • JuanHand

Interest: – 1.66% every month

loan term duration – 6 months

Loan amount maximum – PHP 50,000

Loan amount minimum –PHP 2,000

  • Pag-IBIG Fund

Interest: – 1.4% every month

loan term duration – more than 30 months

Maximum amount: – PHP 500,000

Minimum amount: – 5% of the loan

  • Robocash

First Loan is for FREE and guarantees more than 95% of requests for loans

Interest: – it would be 0-11.9% per month

loan term duration more than 80 months

Mentioned above are just some of the best financial companies here in the Philippines, but there are still more you could check out. Wondering where to see the other financial aid provider? If you want to see what financial services they provide, you can head on to UpFinance. It is the best thing you need to help you out accurately as their goal is to give assistance quickly to Filipinos especially to all the Overseas Filipino Workers out there in finding the suitable preferences, financial ofw loans with the best deals, or any financial aid they need.

Do not let worries and doubt scrolling online take over your whole system as UpFinance is a website that contains various and leading financial institutions ad companies in the Philippines. With that, you can look and take into consideration all the available ofw loans you will find at your own pace. Each financial company has a section where data and information can be easily seen. Their website saves your time and preserves your energy as you can search for what loan suits you or you prefer in just a few seconds of scrolling. Indeed, an easy tool for everyone to access. Your safe and sound with this tool Sounds cool, right?

Wanting to know more and curious about UpFinance. Click here for further information.


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