How to organize a party at home with friends


How many times have you organized a party at home and have missed something important you did not take into account?

Sometimes, simply having a little planning of everything that is necessary, we can create themed funny parties that will last in the memory of our friends. Follow these five steps and you will become the best party planner in your group!


  1. Choose a topic

The best excuse to prepare a party when we do not have a date that justifies it, is to invent a topic.

For this, you can inspire yourself on a film, a culture, a country, a season. Also, think about the interests and personality of your guests so that they feel comfortable and identified with the environment.

Are they fun and outgoing people? A Hawaiian party could be a good topic. Are they more formal? Then, they will love a smart dresscode party.

  1. Limit a budget

To organize a party properly, it is necessary to have an adequate budget that allows us to make the idea come true.

Costs will depend on the number of guests, the type and quantity of food and drink, as well as the decoration and possible gifts in case we make a raffle or contest.

Do you want all the guests to pay their part and not have to pay anyone’s?

Your friends can send money by mobile with Verse, a new app you can create a common pot with, and get all the money you need before the party starts.

Another possible option is to charge for the entrance, although you must have change available.

  1. Food, beverages and decoration in harmony

Once we have the topic and a budget available, wehave tocreate a shopping list to prepare a beautiful table full of delicious dishes, tapas and refreshing drinks, as well as a magical decoration – both for the table and for space.

The objective is that each element complements the other so that finally we see it as a whole.

You can prepare a menu with dishes and drinks that remind us of the topic. In the case of Hawaiian parties, fruits and aphrodisiac cocktails are a must, as well as funny formats to serve the dishes.

  1. Music and entertainment to make it perfect

Now that we have the basics, it’s time to bring some added value to that we get the maximum score in our theme party.

Music is essential, as lighting, to create a specific environment.

If your dining room or social event space is quite large, take the opportunity to improvise a small dance floor.

You can also program a series of games so that the guests meet each other and feel active.

  1. Be a good host

Finally, and the most important: be an excellent host from small details and personal gestures to each of the guests.

Talk to everyone, take care of them, make them meet each other, energize the party, propose taking some photos, give the best of you and, above all, let them have fun until they tell you they want to repeat!

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