Overlooked Household Wire Products


Household wire products are used for many things, from food prep and maintenance to storage. Acme Wire has over 45 years of experience in the wire fabrication industry, with the expertise to form wire products that meet your exact needs and specifications.

Wire Products in the Kitchen

Wire products can be very handy for kitchen use. In fact, industrial wire products from Acme Wire can be used for different things like washing racks for dishwashers, wire shelves, food racks, and more.

Custom wire baskets by Acme Wire are strong enough to withstand repeated washings and allow for proper sanitation, especially in the food industry. Wire products are especially suitable for food service, whether it be for mass production of food or for small kitchens.

Wire products are also useful in households as structural and decorative components of your home. The unique thing about wire forming is that wire products can be bent to many different shapes to fit your exact needs. With stainless steel wire products, you can use wires as frames for objects for structural support as well as for basic things like support for chair legs.

Acme Wire Products have the materials and wire technology to handle all types of household wire forming projects. They are an American owned company that delivers quality materials and work with every project- for the most reliable wireframes on the market. They work to ensure that their customers are getting the best wire forms possible.

Whether your wire forming project is ready to head into production or you still need to work with an expert for custom designs, Acme Wire Products is ready to help. With their years of experience in both standard and custom wire product production, Acme Wire are the experts you can trust for your wire and fabrication solutions.

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