Who doesn’t like a beach? I am sure most of the people wish for spending on the beach more often. Also, doctors suggest people should spend more time in the open nature for health benefit. Beach is one of the most attractive gifts of the nature to us to spend good times. It is an obvious choice because where else would you get the free clean air and the mightiness of the sea, the sound of the enormous wave crashing on the coral riffs. You can easily call it a piece of heaven on the earth.

People like me, whom you can call a “beach lover”, visit more often to the beach for relaxation or family outing or clearing my mind when I feel a little blue. That’s why I know how to pack for a beach more accurately. This sort of accuracy only came from a long-time experience of getting scolded by my wife for forgetting important stuffs. Now let’s talk about what to pack for a day at the beach?

Thing to Pack For a day at the Beach:


You must be wondering why I start with flip-flops. Trust me you don’t want to carry beach sand in your house or hotel rooms Flip-flop is the best solution when it comes to beach footwear. Comfortable to wear, you can play with the water without the fear of ruining your footwear.

Some of the people like to walk bare foot on the beach. It is a bad idea. You can get a cut by a broken glass, coral, snail shell and also don’t forget about the bacteria. But still you can get the most fun out of it by wearing flip-flops. And beside everything flip-flop rocks! It keeps your feet cool, stylish, comes with thousands of different colors to choose from. People who live near beach area should always keep flip-flop to their cars back. Because who knows when he might get into the feel for walk in the beach.


Bring at least two towels. You will thank me later.

Extra clothes

Keep extra dry clothes with you if you don’t want to wet your car.


On a beach, you will have a lot of activities including running and walking for long. So naturally, you will get hungry for food. This is why you should bring some snacks for you and your family. You can take chips, sandwiches, cold drinks, or beer as your wish. But before packing remember to cut them into a square shape and in mini bite. If you accidentally drop sandwich, still you will be left with plenty of sandwiches to eat. You can eat healthy by bringing diced fruits in a plastic container.


Important isn’t a sufficient word when to describe the importance of sunscreen. If you have fair skin, you need it more. You want to bring in seashells from the beach, not a burned body. Along with sunscreen bring a hat and sunglasses for more protection.


Cold drinks, water are important, do remember to take plenty of these to your beach trip and remember to hydrate.


You should also bring some toys for the kids. But only bring those which you and the kid doesn’t mind to get dirty or lost. If you’re up for my suggestion, bring beach shovel, buckets, sand truck.


You will need it more than you think, so better pack double the amount of diaper you were thinking. And bring lots of wipes.

Beach chair

It is more comfortable than sitting on the sand or sitting on a towel. After a hectic day at the beach, you deserve some rest. So bring a beach chair and enjoy the environment comfortably and peacefully.   

Zip-lock bags

You have to bring the big size zip-lock bag. You have to carry important stuff like wallet, mobile phone, ID cards, electronic devices. So if you have zip-lock bags, it will work as a protection layer on your important stuff. And you can also carry food in it.

First aid kit

Accident can happen anywhere anytime. So it is essential to carry some critical medical supplies like band-aid, antiseptic, Neosporin.

Final Words

You might be thinking this is a way long and complicated list of work to do before going on a fun trip. But trust me; you will be pleased with yourself for being prepared. Better to be prepared for anything than sorry. And don’t forget to bring your camera too. Because these are the moment you might want to capture forever.