Perfect Flowers To Wish Your Girlfriend A “Happy Birthday”


Flowers are perfect tokens of expressions

Expressions of your true emotions, be it love, friendship, care or concern. Whether it’s your parents’ anniversary or your girlfriend’s birthday, nothing equals to the sweetness of fresh flowers.

There are, however, certain flowers that are best suited for a particular occasion than the others. For instance, a bunch for your mom could be a bright mix of orchids while for your girlfriend, red roses stand as the classic best.

But while you wish to try something different for your girlfriend’s birthday and wish to stand out, here are 7 amazing types of flowers for your girlfriend’s birthday that are sure to give her the heartiest smile. Take the guide:

  1. Gladiolus

Tell your girlfriend that she has pierced your heart with passion with gladiolus that express your infatuation. By giving your girlfriend a bunch of Gladiolus, you are sure to send out a message that your attraction towards her is never going to fade.

  1. Lilies

Lilies are an ideal birthday flower as they represent positivity. Therefore, giving lilies on a birthday is like sending some smiles and positive wishes for your girlfriend. It also means infusing your relationship with a lot of positive vibes.

  1. Orchids

Orchids fall under the category of exotic flowers and considering how stunning they look, they are a perfect surprise for your girlfriend. Orchids symbolize beauty, strength and love. These highly ornamental flowers are perfect to signify your girlfriend’s grace and beauty.

  1. Gerberas

Gerberas are an all rounder flower that can be given to any woman to brighten up the day. Gerberas signify innocence, purity and cheerfulness and are perfect to send a bright bunch of happiness to your girlfriend.

  1. Red Tulips

If you wish to send out your message of ‘I Love You’ quite boldly, red tulips are the best choice. Tulips symbolize perfect love. Therefore, if you want to convey your strong love, a bunch of red tulips should be your first pick.

  1. Purple Lilac

Lilacs hold many meanings depending on the colour. If you are seeking happy birthday flowers for her which, at the same time, express your infinite emotions for her, purple lilacs are the best that symbolize first love.

  1. Last But Not The Least, Red Roses

No matter what the occasion is, red roses send out your perfect wish and love to the recipient and especially, if it’s her birthday, what better way to make her feel special than roses. Even if you are on a budget, a single rose can express your emotions as strongly as the bouquet.

With these amazing flowers for your girlfriend’s birthday, it’s time to make her day with the brightest bouquet and send her immense love and good thoughts.

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