Online poker is easy to get started, especially if you’ve played poker in some form before. Just choose the poker sites that are right for you and start enjoying the thrill of the world’s most popular card game. The best online poker room for beginners is generally Texas Hold’em, whose rules are simple and quick to learn. Once you have chosen the poker game that suits you, you can focus on casino poker tournaments or cash games.

The Tournaments

Sittari tournaments are a great starting point, especially for first-timers. Once you’ve got the job done and gained a little experience, you can move on to slightly bigger stakes cash games. Sure, players of all levels can play both tournaments and cash games, but tournaments are often a bargain and a great deal of fun and valuable experience. With the situs judi online this is important.


Cash Games: You may not want to get involved in cash games as a novice, as more experienced players will eat you alive and poke even the last pennies out of your pocket. In cash games, every chip is directly equivalent to real money. Cash games allow you to lose or win big sums quickly and put your skills and patience to the test.

Tournaments: Fast cash-in tournaments are the best option for inexperienced poker players. You can even take part in sittari tournaments with a buy-in of a few euros. This way you won’t jeopardize your finances too much, but you will gain a valuable online poker experience. Sitters will start as soon as the minimum number of players is reached (usually 10 players). The risk in tournaments is only the buy-in amount. So if you have sacrificed € 5 to participate in the tournament, you can at worst lose that amount.

Here are some basic tips for beginner players:

  • Get a feel for and learn the basics of tournaments.
  • Try video poker or play freerolls
  • Choose a trusted poker site that does not have too many players

What is the Best Online Poker?

So what might be the best online poker for you? Well, this of course depends a lot on your gaming experience. If you are a seasoned gamer, you will definitely want to play hot cash games and perhaps more demanding forms of online poker like Omaha. The toughest high rollers rely on their skills, and without hesitation, make big bets on cash games or take part in big money tournaments. It’s all about your skills, your confidence and your budget.


Texas Hold’em is generally the most popular and recommended poker game that can be played by players of all levels. It doesn’t take much effort to learn this game – although it takes a long time to become a champion. For beginners, it is especially smart to always choose Texas Hold’em as their first poker game.