Picking the right personal injury attorney


It’s sad when you are injured. The first thing in your mind is the damage and injuries you dealt and how can you recover from this. The next thing will think about is making an insurance claim for your injury. In that case, you want to settle the claim quickly and you might only look for an available attorney instead of picking the right one.

Picking the right Personal injury attorney is important because it is a matter of safety. When an accident happens, you are in pain. You forget everything and just call your insurance company for your claim. The company will definitely ask for proof. There are chances your claim might be rejected or the company will be offering you an amount much lower than what you deserve. Therefore, it is important for you to go for the right divorce attorney. The professionals at the Schultz & Myers law firm will take care of everything you need in such a case.

Still, if you need more factors to pick the right attorney, below given are a few points you can consider.


This is the first thing you should check. Always go for the attorney who has a lot of experience in many types of claim. Some of the attorneys can fight a case when it is about the car accident but fails when it comes to a big accident like 18 wheelers. Therefore, you need to see the experience and the cases they have worked with. Schultz & Myers has settled over $50,000,000 dollars for their clients. So, choose your attorney wisely.

Documents and Paperwork

Make sure the attorney you meet tells you everything about the case. You can ask them for paperwork and request them to explain everything. If you have any doubt, ask them directly. Don’t sign anything if you are not feeling comfortable with the terms.

Interview them and ask about your case

This is one of the important things you might consider doing before signing the contract. Interview the attorney. Have a list of question prepared if you more questions. Ask everything to them. Lastly, ask about your case.  If the claim does not settle, are they able to take the whole thing to the court in front of a jury? Although, if they are experienced they can mostly settle the claim you should keep this quality must be there in the attorney you are signing the contract with. You should not go with the one who is afraid to go to court in case the claim does not settle. Hence, you need to interview them before everything.

Awards and Recognition

These include everything. Starting from the total number of awards and the type of awards the attorney has. You can also make use of the internet and see the overall review of the attorney. If you are going with the firm, make sure they hire the best lawyer they have. You can even take advantage of Word of mouth. Ask someone who has been through someone. Moreover, don’t just ask about the firm, ask them if they are satisfied with the attorney, how much were they able to claim, etc.

So, these are the key factors you need to see before picking the right attorney. Don’t hurry by simply picking the one who is available. Research well and then select accordingly. You might get some extra money by choosing the right one.

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