Pipes Plumbing & Gas, the Most Efficient Plumbing Company in Brisbane


Most homeowners panic every time they have a plumbing emergency. From blocked drains to a leaking toilet or sink, an emergency plumbing problem can happen to us at any time.

Pipes Plumbing & Gas is a Brisbane Plumber and always available to answer to your plumbing services needs in Brisbane. Offering a wide range of plumbing services for both domestic and commercialclients. We provide exceptional quality and well-priced services. We are your most trusted and reliable plumber.

Our services include;

Drainage System Installation and Repairs

  • We unclog drainsprofessionally using special plumbing cameras.
  • We also install and repair hydraulic pipes and sewer lines in your homes and business premises.
  • We install water pipes for your homes, workplaces, and Industries.
  • We outshine in the effective repair of drenched and broken pipes.
  • We fix broken sinks and taps.


  • We provide high quality bathroom renovations.
  • We Repair clogged and leaky toilets.
  • We fix leaking bathtubs and showers.

Gas Fitting

  • We gas fitting and hot water services.
  • We fix problemgas lines.

Why choose us    

Quality Reliable Service

By engaging us, you are guaranteed of the top of range service by qualified personnel. We use the latest technology to fix your plumbing problems efficiently.

Prompt and Quick Plumbing Service

We understand that plumbing emergencies can be quite messy and costly and require fast and effective action. Our response is immediate. We are available and act within 24 hours of request. We inspect the problem and keep you well informed before starting the job.

Professional Service

We are QBBC licensed plumbers who systematically assess your property before an installation. They also evaluate the level of damage on your pipes and drainage system before proceeding with the plumbing service.

Our plumbers regularly undergo regular training and education to equip them with appropriate and new information.

Effective Communication

Our plumbing service is transparent; we make sure that we supply you with all the information needed. In situations where you have to involve your insurance provider in case of industrial plumbing, we make sure we have provided you with a detailed report of the installation or maintenance.


We ensure you get the value for money. We install and repair at a reasonable cost. We are straightforward with no hidden charges. We honor the quotation and disclose any other expenses that might arise during the plumbing process.

We are available all the time including night time, holidays and weekend at no additional costs. We have constant prices.

Licensed and Insurance

We have accreditation to operate plumbing services and operate within the confines of the law. Our Plumbing professionals have insurance against risks that might occur while working. Therefore, you are at peace knowing that professionals in the most effective manner are handling your problem.

Customer Service

We have an approachable and warm team at our customer service center. We are available 24/7 on call and on our website to answer any of your concerns. For any emergencies, contact us, and we will get back to you with a job evaluation. We shall then arrange for a site visit to your property.

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