Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, and you want to make it as memorable and unique as possible, right? Right! So, when it comes to knuckling down and actually making choices for your big day, why not consider making the most out the incredible city of Sydney by booking yourself a harbour cruise for your ceremony or reception? Your guests are going to be completely wowed as you float over the glistening harbour with the Opera House to your right and the Harbour Bridge to your left – arguably, one of the best views in the world. If you’re sold on planning your dream wedding out on the water, but you’re not quite sure where to start, read on…

Do your research

As with any venue, or event for that matter, you really need to do your research before you book a date. Harbour cruises are a bit of a niche market, so look into wedding cruises on Sydney Harbour that are going to give you the exact experience you’re looking for. This means inquiring about the kind of ferry, ship or vessel you can select, staffing options, and other additional services such as a DJ or catering. Make a list of companies that are ticking all the boxes for you and work from there. Always be sure to check online reviews, social media hashtags and ask your social circle for any tips or recommendations.

Finalise your budget

Once you’ve got a sound idea of your options for a wedding cruise on Sydney Harbour, it’s time to crunch those numbers. Your budget is basically the determinate of your whole wedding, so it’s very important to get it precisely segmented well before you start booking anything. Take a look at your lump sum and split it into different categories. You can break your budget down based on quotes, friends’ experiences or even just estimates. The very best thing about using a ferry service is that you’ll often find it’s a package expense with add ons such as music, drinks, catering and electrical equipment factored in. This takes a lot of the maths out of doing your budget so a company that offers up package deals is well worth your while.

Secure the guest list early

Harbour cruise vessels can only accommodate a very finite amount of people, making it essential for you to know exactly how many guests you’re planning on hosting on your wedding day. Try to leave five or so spare passenger spaces if possible, just in case someone wants a last-minute plus one or there are any guest changes close to the event. Once your budget and guest list are fully finalised, you can go ahead and actually book yourself a ferry!

Think about the time of day and what you’re using your ferry for

The time of day that you set sail is largely going to depend on the function that you’re giving to your ferry. Your options include having the ceremony on board, throwing your reception and afterparty on the water or simply using the ship as transport between venues. You’ll be able to choose whether you want to be basking in the midday sun, watching the sun slowly set behind the Opera House or partying under the stars and the glittering lights of the city – quite the offering, really!

A harbour cruise is a perfect way to throw an unforgettable wedding ceremony. Just think of the wedding pictures! Get exploring your options and doing your research now to secure your date.