Platform Lifts and Stairlifts for People with Reduced Mobility


People with reduced mobility can access the same spaces as everyone else if they are given the tools and adjustments to do so. One of the greatest challenges for wheelchair uses, or anyone else who has additional mobility needs is moving between different levels. Stairs and steps are not easy to navigate if you have reduced mobility, so another option needs to be available. Platform lifts and stair lifts provide two great possibilities for making any space more accessible. They are flexible and offer a reliable solution for moving between floors or levels, both indoors and outdoors.

Enclosed Vertical Platform Lifts

An enclosed vertical platform life is a safe and convenient option for moving between floors, which can also look stylish. They work well both in homes and in commercial buildings and are easy to customise for different people’s needs. An enclosed platform lift has a platform that moves between levels, with walls and a door surrounding the platform for safety. They are easy to install and to maintain, and they can be customised to fit the decor of your home or business. They can open only at the front or at the front and rear so that there’s no need to turn around in the lift. An enclosed platform lift doesn’t require any extensive work to install, which helps to minimise both cost and disruption.

Unenclosed Vertical Platform Lifts

An unenclosed vertical platform lift provides another option for your home or business, which is most suited to moving smaller distances. For example, it can be used for moving up to a stage, mezzanine level or landing, or a short flight of stairs or steps. They are a good choice when a ramp isn’t a suitable solution, perhaps because it takes up too much space or would be too steep. Unenclosed platform lifts still have safe gates or doors and sides for stability. Portable platform lifts are also available, which provide a cost-effective solution, particularly for businesses and other organisations that need temporary wheelchair access solutions that can be moved around. Portable lifts are compact and easy to store and are simple to move on castors too.

Inclined Wheelchair Platform Stair Lifts

Installing a platform lift isn’t always the easiest solution, particularly in people’s homes. However, a standard stairlift isn’t the best option for someone who uses a wheelchair. It necessitates having a wheelchair on both levels or requiring someone to separately move the wheelchair. In addition, they might not be suitable for some wheelchair users. An inclined wheelchair platform stair lift removes this problem, allowing a wheelchair user to stay in their chair and take the lift up the staircase. Built-in safety features make them safe, and they’re suitable for both domestic and commercial environments. They can be independently operated by the user too, so there’s no need to have anyone else help at any point, offering greater independence.

Platform lifts and stairlifts make getting around homes and businesses easier for anyone with reduced mobility. They are excellent choices for making any space more accessible and increasing independence.

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