The aim of High Card Flush is to try and have a better flush than the game’s dealer. A flush is when cards of the same suit follow each other, and the higher the starting number of that set, the better. The ranking is quite easy to follow, as it is simply the order of the deck (Ace is highest, all the way down to 2). If you are booked in the Bicycle Casino Hotel, then being aware of these rules could just help you win!

How to Play High Card Flush

First of all, you have to place your ante wager. Sometimes, you can make two side bets, which enable you to have a payout even if the dealer wins. Those side bets are straight flush and flush. You then receive seven cards from a standard deck, face down. You can review your cards, at which point you can choose to fold, which means you would lose your ante. Alternatively, you can stay in the game itself, which means you have to raise your bets. There are no guarantees in this, but the best strategy is to:

  • Raise your ante once if you have a flush on 2, 3, or 4 cards.
  • Double your ante if you have a flush on 5 cards.
  • Triple your ante if you have a flush on 6 or 7 cards.

If the dealer is to qualify, they must have a three card flush at least, and their highest card must be nine or above. If they don’t do this, then all call bets push and players have their ante payed at even money. If they do qualify, they compare their hand to that of the other players. They collect the call and ante bets if they win, and paying out if they lose. The house edge varies but is usually around 3%.

Side Bets

You can also make side bets. If you opt for a flush side bet, then you will get a pay out if cards are in any order. They are:

  • 300/1 for seven cards.
  • 100/1 for six cards.
  • 10/1 for five cards.
  • 1/1 for four cards.

This has a house edge of around 8%.

The straight flush is your other option, but cards must be in sequential order. The pay out here is:

  • 8000/1 for seven cards.
  • 1000/1 for six cards.
  • 100/1 for five cards.
  • 60/1 for four cards.
  • 7/1 for three cards.

The house edge with these bets is around 13%.

If you do attend a hotel and casino like the Bicycle Hotel and Casino, or any of the bigger casinos in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, you will notice that High Card Flush is becoming more and more popular. Indeed, people in Delaware are even playing it, a sure indicator that it is starting to take over. It is likely that all good casinos will soon offer this game, as well as the online casinos, since that is what happens whenever something becomes more popular.