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 Lottery games are lucrative and can help you win loads of money in an instant. In India and around the world, millions of people try their luck in the lottery every day with the hope to hit the jackpot and become a millionaire. Some opt for offline games, which will allow them to buy a physical ticket and wait for the results to be out. With the virtual world growing beyond imagination, the spree of online games has ramped up with exciting games offering big prize money wins! Here are a few of them:

  1. Swagbucks

 Swagbucks is a search engine in which you can earn money by using it for various reasons. It initially started as a search engine, which would give away rewards to anyone who uses it. But now it has transformed itself into an active spot to do many activities and in turn, earn good money. Obviously, the easiest way would be to play the normal word and arcade games it offers to earn maximum money. However, many rewards are allotted on shopping, browsing, taking surveys etc. These rewards can be converted into Amazon gift cards and several other exciting prizes offers.

  1. Exodus3000

 Imagine being transported to 1000 years in the future and shifting your base to the planet Mars? Unreal, right! Well, with this game, you are going to experience all of this and more. Basically, the game plot is that the players are 1000 years ahead of now and since the earth isn’t a sustainable planet for living anymore, the whole population is on Mars. The task is to find valuable minerals and local currency. The more you collect them, the more payback you get!

  1. Our Very Own Rummy

Ever played rummy with cards before? Surely, many of you would have. How about the pleasure of playing online and earning money in turn? It would be amazingly simple and easy if you are an expert in rummy. This would allow you to earn easy bucks.

  1. SecondLife

This is one of the best and largest online gaming platforms and known internationally. People have become millionaires in the past using this website and it is said to have more than 2 million active users. The various activities on this website include buying and selling real estate, content and even performing at rock events!

  1. PaidGamePlayer

 This is a website, which holds contest-based games online. It allows you to compete against each other and win lucrative prizes. Many games like Family Feud and Zuma, which let you fight your way up to win against others, are hosted on this website. Apart from games, one can also earn by other activities like taking surveys and referring friends to it.

Imagine playing such amazing games online and in turn winning lucrative prizes amounting to millions and also some interesting goodies! Sounds wonderful, right? Lottoland, a world leader for providing a platform for international games online, is now coming to India with its wide variety of games. Now, you can enjoy different online games from your comfortable homes or anywhere, anytime! So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out more about Lottoland today and get ready to be a millionaire soon!






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