Plumbing Tips for Beginners


It is very easy to get lazy and forget a few simple rules when it comes to taking care of pipes in your home. People rarely consider taking good care of them until it is too late and only a plumber can help. Frustration can even grow larger if your plumber is not available at that time. So in order to prevent breaks instead of wasting time and money fixing them, I decided to find out as much as possible from professionals so I talked to Corona leak detection professionals at OneStop Plumbers. Here are some measures of precaution to prevent breaks and clogs.

Moving to a New Place

A home inspection before and after you move to a new place is crucial. When you finally move in it is important to find the main valve where you can shut down all the water flow if there’s any sort of leak you can’t address immediately. You need to locate those valves, whether it’s a house or apartment, some real estates do not have dedicated valves for every apartment, but rather store them somewhere in the building. Sewer line access points should also be pinpointed for a number of reasons.


If you decide to DIY make some holes in the wall to hang a picture or perform any sort of activity that includes drilling holes in your home, it is important to first check whether there’s any pipe close to the area. You can also mark those spots for future reminders.

Mind Your Flushing

A toilet is not this magical place that makes everything disappear by simply flushing it. If you want to prevent clogging you just need to consider what you flush. If you don’t pay attention the problem will occur sooner or later whether you like it or not, and a plumber might have a lot of work to fix your mess.

The same goes for your drains, especially if you prefer to do the dishes manually. Food remains, bubble gums or even cigarette butts are not to be cast into the drain hoping for the best. This is the fastest way to clog your drains on a cold Sunday morning where you just want everything to work.

A Plunger Is Your Best Friend

Every home should invest in a good plunger because no matter how careful you are with what you throw down the drain, some cloggings are bound to happen, and before you start panicking, remember to use a plunger to quickly address the situation. You can also combo it with some cleaning agents.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes small objects might, unfortunately, end up in your drains and cause problems. A plunger is not the best item to use here, but a vacuum cleaner that deals with both dry and wet areas. This way you will have a much easier job by simply sucking the item out before it ventures deeper.

Leaky Pipes Leak Money

Being annoyed by relentless leak drippings in the middle of the night is the least of your worries. Ignoring the problem will also not solve anything but only make it worse. Even if you don’t mind noisy dripps that never stop, the real problem will show itself in your monthly bill and the amount of water you waste is not to be ignored. So to prevent a small problem from growing, address small leaks as soon as you notice them.

Leaks can be annoying and sometimes hard to get rid of, so it is always important to give a test drive after every plumbing job to ensure everything is ok. Even if you called a professional plumber, no one can be 100% sure that the problem was solved.


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