Podcast Promotion – 5 Powerful Ways To Make Your Podcast Shine In 2021


Silicon Valley is betting big on the podcast industry, with tech giants like Amazon and Google pouring serious money into this burgeoning industry. These companies rarely miss the mark, and judging by the public’s reception of podcasting, they’re onto a winner once again.

Many of the people who jog past you in the morning are listening to podcasts. There’s a huge audience out there with the same interests as you, but how do you reach them?

How do you make sure that listeners look forward to hearing more from you once you’ve started recording your podcast? If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, we’ve got five powerful strategies to get you there:

  1. Be Generous

Generosity is a cornerstone of marketing, one that’s stood the test of time. Promotional products and corporate gifts are a great way to win listeners over. People will always love free stuff, and they’ll always be drawn to whoever gives them that free stuff.

It’s important that your audience knows that you have a lot to offer, both in terms of the entertainment streaming in through their headphones, and in terms of tangible value. Do a giveaway now and again, and you’ll be topping the charts in no time.

  1. Start Off Strong

The first few moves in a game of chess can determine whether you win or lose. In the same way, your first few episodes do much of the work of hooking your audience. Sometimes all it takes is the right image or an attractive landing page. Even the name of the podcast can be the reason listeners give you a chance.

Make sure you give them enough to bite into – one episode might not be enough to get them to subscribe or download. With this in mind, it can be worth holding off on launching your podcast until you have three or four episodes in the pipeline. This also gives you a buffer in case you’re unable to record one week.

  1. Make it a Note to Promote

How do you expect people to discover your podcast? You need to take initiative. Share your stuff on social networks – at least you know loved ones and acquaintances will be curious to see what you’re up to!

Though it’s great to get some action happening on social media, don’t stop there. Create a website, start an email list, and be sure to extend beyond Facebook and Instagram to social platforms like Quora and Reddit.

  1. Get Used to Getting Reviews

Consumers don’t waste time on anything that hasn’t been vouched for by others; it’s just how things are these days. You need to get people talking about your podcast, but you also need to accept that their views will be varied.

Everybody’s a critic, and their words aren’t always kind. However, reviews help you rank higher on the charts, and more people will get to be exposed to your work as a result.

  1. Leave No Platform Unturned

There are countless places you can have your podcast listed, and the more spread out your presence is, the more people are likely to encounter your content. You don’t want to limit yourself to a single podcasting platform.

If you want to be more visible, you need to expose yourself more – it’s as simple as that. Apply the first four tips in combination with this one, and you’ll be rising and shining before you know it.

There are almost a million active podcasts out there, but more than a hundred times as many listeners. Add yours to the mix and share your voice!

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