Do you know that over 80% of your shipment gets delayed because of missing consignee info, bad description and lack of proper information? Without the right know-how, you cannot get your goods through Customs which comes out as a major stress for the recipient and the sender. Luckily, with slight research. efficient planning and professional help, you can get your items through customs without delays. You can know the custom rules and keep your parcel moving easily. Take a look at these points:

  1. Offer detailed description about the item on the shipping documents

The description should be accurate and in detail. For instance, if you are sending computer parts, then you cannot just mention computer parts. You have to write the brand name, serial and model number of the part. If you use the term parts, it is not sufficient and it may cause delay because the personnel will make calls to you to get the details.

  1. Mention full shipper and consignee details

If the name or the address is not mentioned properly, the shipment is bound to get delayed whilst the carrier finds out the way to handle the shipment. The carrier should report to the Customs Protection to acknowledge the commodity being imported.

  1. Mention the right quality and value of the item

Sometimes the courier items are purposely undervalued to lower the risk of duties and taxes. However, it can bring legal problems for the shipper, carrier as well as recipient. Hence, it is very important to declare the fair value of the item to avoid any kind of fine, charges or confiscation of your parcel.

  1. Provide all the documents asked by your logistic service provider

A lack of providing sufficient data is the major reason for delay of your shipment. Shippers sometimes need to provide their carriers with document like power of attorney importer information or more. If your shipment is valued above $2500, then you may be requested for more documents. Once you file the documents, your future shipments will be covered and there will no more delays.

  1. Know the common mistakes

Some of the most common mistakes which people make is not sending the invoice in English, incorrect product code etc. It may lead to delay in shipment.

  1. Calculate the price right and pay off

Sometimes when you calculate the DHL price, you don’t do it right and end up submitting lesser amount. If you haven’t paid the amount correctly, then your shipment may not proceed the transit. Hence, you should use DHL shipping calculator to calculate dhl price [dhl ราคา, which is the term in Thai] and then pay it clearly. Make sure you have the receipt or e-bill with you till the time your courier has reached its destination.

With these tips, surely your parcel will never get delayed and you will never face any problem during transit. SME Shipping company is your one stop solution to handle all types of shipping and delivery services. Just avail the benefits by hiring them for any kind of parcel delivery services.