Buying gold bullions can be a great form of investment. Unlike other avenues of investment, gold has fewer risks of suffering losses. Gold prices can fluctuate over time, but they have a quicker bounce-back time than a stock market crash or a real estate pricing slowdown. 

However, you should buy investment-grade gold bullions from a seller like Gold Stackers to stay on the safer side. It will provide you with financial security and increase your wealth over time. 

As a general thumb rule, be careful about who you buy gold from. To make sure your investment is safe, make sure you take the following precautions: 


Check for Purity

Always ensure that the gold bullions are pure 24 karats and check the certification. Investment-grade gold should always be of the highest purity, which increases their value over time. The certification has the purity benchmark stamped on it, which will give you the desired price when you cash in your bullion. 

Platforms like Gold Stackers only sell gold bullions of 99.9% purity, and bullion comes with the brand’s logo, weight, and purity certificate. When considered by fineness, the level will be 999.9 parts per thousand. 

Check the Tolerance Level

When you sell your gold bullions, you should get paid for the full gold amount, without any deductions attributed to impurity. Check the purity and weight tolerance of the bullion. Ideally, it should have negative weight and purity tolerance so that you are paid the right value. 

Check the Brand and Refinery of the Manufacturer

You should check that the brand of bullion you are buying has a reputation in the market and deal in investment-grade gold bullion. Find the authorized dealers for popular and trusted names like Perth Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Baird and Co., and PAMP Suisse, which are internationally acclaimed gold bar manufacturers. 

They guarantee purity, and their bars will be accepted anywhere around the world should you choose to liquidate. 

Preferred Denomination

If you are buying gold bullions, assuming you might have to liquidate it shortly, it is best to opt for smaller denominations. Check whether you will be able to buy the bars as per your convenience because small denominations will allow you to liquidate only the portion you require at the moment, as opposed to a few single bars of larger denominations. 

At a platform like Gold Stackers, buyers can invest in bars from as less as ½ oz, and it gradually goes up to 1 kilogram, with various denominations in between like 10 oz, 100grams, 250 grams, and 500 grams. 

It is crucial to invest wisely when it comes to investment, and gold will never betray your trust. On the off chance that the economy collapses, and you find you are losing money through virtual channels of investment like the stock market, you will still have your gold safely locked up in the vault, which you will be able to liquidate with some price corrections. Hence, by keeping these few things in mind, you will make your investment failsafe while buying gold bullions.