Preparing yourself for the fertility consultation:


Infertility can be very stressful. There could be thousand thought running through the minds of a couple. But it is very important to come out of it and start thinking of ways that will help you gain momentum in life. Advancements in science and technology has brought in a great deal of medical advancements which can help you conceive. Be it male or female infertility we have the treatments which can help you step into the world of parenthood. So never lose hope over this. Also, do remember there is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of in fertility as the world is changing and people no longer hide behind the screen. Infertility has become so common that one in five couple are diagnosed with infertility problems. In most of the best IVF center in India, fertility counselling is helping couples cope up with infertility problems. There are few things you should remember while you prepare yourself for the consultation:

Make sure to have your important test results and referral sent from your OB-GYN or previous fertility doctor. It is vital that your name and date of birth are indicated on these records, especially if being sent through the mail.  Also have a general understanding of what your insurance will cover, what is an out-of-pocket expense, and ask if there is a financial counsellor on staff at your fertility clinic to discuss your insurance plan and fertility treatment costs. Many times, they will be well-versed in insurance coverage, but it helps for you to have a basic understanding of the lingo.

History of infertility and IVF cycles are very important documents which you should produce at an IVF clinic in mumbai or any other city you are visiting. If a semen analysis was requested in advance, be sure the results of that test are forwarded to your fertility clinic. If you have been charting your Basal Body Temperature, bring those charts with you as well.

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